Monday, May 10, 2010

handbook on how to raise ducklings


I highly advised against wearing boots in 100 degree weather. She still chose to wear the boots. I guess that is the beauty of free agency. Apparently there is not a handbook that comes with having a child. If there were one then I would need the "How to handle a strong willed child who seeks to have control", for the above child. I'm learning how to pick my battles. Who really knows, perhaps we can channel all of this strong determination into something that would benefit her greatly in years to come.

The below is a typical scene caught in action, it's almost comical if you ask me:


See sometimes it's a fight but the art of distraction always comes to the telling children that dinosaurs are taking a nap in the shed behind the children in below noted picture...That got my girl to stop whining and pulling on my dress. It worked so well that the kids haven't stopped talking about the dinosaurs in that shed for days.



Don't think that we didn't have sound effects (roaring) to go with our dramatic play. I'm now wondering if that was immature but how could it be because my Dad did stuff like that all of the time, haha!



I wonder how the Momma and Daddy ducks feel about having five ducklings...

I feel fine about it.

One thing though, I don't think ducks need a handbook on how to raise their ducklings. Just something to think about...I know that is really deep.


Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Oh my, the first paragraph spoke to me! My oldest who is 3 is my strong willed child. We live in Houston and today it was 90 degrees. He insisted on wearing his SKI PARKA outside to play. After arguing, I finally gave in. Of course he quickly figured out it was way too hot for that and asked me to unzip his jacket. =) I am learning to pick my battles too!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

your posts always brighten my day, I admire you so much and your family is absolutely gorgeous, well done Christina!

Laura said...

Those are great photos of your outing! Thanks for the smiles - your family is adorable!
PS, the dress tugging photo was my fav!

Amanda said...

add my two and a half year old stubborn, or strong willed since it sounds nicer, little boy to this growing list of children you all speak of. *sigh :)

p.s. you're too dang darling, darlin.

Shannon said...

LOL. Love the pick of daughter pulling on your dress......To tell the children that sleeping dinos are in the shed is brilliant! We just have to keep being creative and fun!
And I love the little ones on the son is soooooo into that juice box. It really reminds me of my son!
Happy Week!
Shannon in Austin

Shannon said...

and it just dawned on me.....she's smart to wear those in sand = no sand in shoes :)