Monday, May 3, 2010

{Going to St. George}


There is something so freeing about getting into a car and just driving by oneself....knowing that the final destination will include good friends.

A few thoughts:

Nothing can replace a few good girlfriends
I still love St. George
I am truly never alone
I have been rescued on many occasions
I never want to do an Iron Man but will support whoever does want to do one
Don't ever fall into a cactus
Never knew how many times one could have a joke about a cardigan and Amazon
Don't ever go to a restaurant where the soda fountain is out of order (if you are with Jen & Tiff)
I am convinced my friends need to eat more quinoa & tofu (joke)
Writing thank you cards is never over rated
Breakfast is my favorite meal
Chocolate malt custard with almonds
Pleasant thoughts of children @ home with husband

I happened to be in St. George @ the same time the Iron Man was going on. It was extra fun because my cousin was one of the participants. This year they pulled over 50 people from the Iron Man out of the water, probably because the swim was extra hard being that the water was also only in he mid 50 degree category. I've heard that swimming in any sort of event like the Iron Man is hard because it is easy to become disoriented. I marveled to think about the fact that despite the challenges that the Iron Man participants faced, they still got out of that water and pressed on. How easy would it be to give up? I couldn't help but liken the Iron Man to life. There is so much enduring going on but also so much joy and satisfaction....even amongst all of the disorientation (like yesterday).

I'm thinking that there is chance we all have more strength inside than we give ourselves credit to find it.


Alisa: a pina colada said...

How funny! I was in St. George this weekend for a family girl trip! What is it about family/friends and St. George? It is the best! la la love St. George! Feel the same about the Iron Man too.

Tiffany said...

Christina, this is the cutest post :) I am so glad we got to see you this weekend, it has been too long. Can't wait for next year so we can have more fun jokes and good times. Hopefully I wont fall into a cactus next time... why do they even HAVE these!? Off to Sonic... ha ha

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

oooh looks like so much fun!! well done, love all the pics!!

Dressing On The Side said...

what fun to spend a weekend with friends! LOVE your yellow suit- adorbs! Where oh where is that trading post in AZ?

Sarah said...

That yellow suit is so so darling!

Pink Wallpaper said...

how fun! glad you had an escape w/ girlfriends!

Full House said...

Hey there dressing on the side..that old trading post is located between Kingman & Las Vegas...pretty close to a town called Chloride.

Jenny said...

Hello cute Christina friend! You are so talented. What a perfect way to sum up our perfect girls weekend. I had so much fun with you and TIff and Chel. We must do it again sooner than later. You are such a sweetie. Love your cute face. :)

Scott Jensen said...

i like your pictures

Unknown said...

i LOVE all your pictures! it sounds like you had the best time and came away with a fresh outlook — and that's the whole point of a getaway, isn't it?

angela hardison said...

that yellow swimsuit!!!

Michelle said...

Christina, it was so fun to see you this weekend! Love this cute post about our fun filled weekend! :) We MUST do it again very soon!

angela | the painted house said...

Sounds divine! And, is that truly your yellow swimming apparel? How ADORABLE! So happy that you had a little recharge. :)

harmony said...

Now you made me hungry for Bear Paw's oatmeal. My fave. Oh yeah, I need those cute cut off jean shorts.

Annie. said...

Puh-LEASE share where that suit is from. Please!

Unknown said...

looks like a great time... to escape with friends, fun!
I watched a triathalon this weekend and thought the same you did about the ironman. sadly, I don't even know the difference of these two.

Unknown said...

What a fun weekend! Great pics. What's the story with falling in to a cactus?

nest of posies said...

how 'bout you!!!
so glad you got to getaway! always so much more fun with girlfriends. your breakfast looks heavenly.
cute pics & a post to make me ponder - as always.

take care!

Laura said...

Fun!! Looks like so much fun!! Awesome photos and thanks for the ponder. I love how you make me think! :-)

Full House said...

the swimsuit is from Marshalls. It is a Michael Kors and originally cost 250.00 so I was very excited to get it for 75% of the price.

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

What fun. I love your list - especially to never fall into a cactus. Sounds like good advice to me!

mary katharine said...

Yes, the suit ... very envious of that find!!
Just found your blog ... enjoying it!