Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Brooklyn Home Company


I remember seeing the above house on Design Sponges's sneak peak a while back. I loved the house and this morning Erin over @ the Element of Style blog posted about this house from The Brooklyn Home Company. Go here to see more of the above inspiring house because you don't want to miss Erin has a must read blog.

Well how about some other photos from TBHC's portfolio:









Pretty, right?


Kelley Moore said...

White has never looked so lovely! The punchy patterns in subtle shades and neutrals add a touch of fun while remaining impeccably chic. Love that grainy table, too!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

fantastic, just the right amount of gorgeousness and sophistication!

Kera said...

ever since that design sponge article, i've had tbhc in my bookmarks and would check every week to see if their site was ready. I wasn't disappointed. I love these guys!

LindsB said...

Pretty? This is STUNNING! I love their work. The family room with the two brass coffee table things is just beautiful, I love it!

Unknown said...

i fell in love when i saw their stuff on design*sponge but never took the time to check out the rest of their work so thank you! that drawer creation is remarkable.

nest of posies said...

every room. the oversized map & the drawer/dresser is amazing. it was a gutsy move painting all those mirror frames & molding in the first pic - white. but the pay off is so beautiful.

Laura said...

Yes sirree bob - very pretty!

Tiina said...

yes, very pretty! as a wallpaper junkie i really love all the different types of wall deco.