Friday, February 5, 2010

{love fools}

Last year we were crafting, cookie making fools as seen here, well this year for some reason the craft & cookies have been taken out of the equation...which leaves us with just fools and in order to avoid being a complete fool I think I better hop on down to William Sonoma (thanks Angela) and get the below cookie cutters. {image via Creature Comforts}

If I were to consider a craft I still like doilies but this year white seems to fit the bill. This lighted garland would be SO easy to do. If one wanted to take their craft even farther go check out my friend Kellie, who just whipped up some pillows..there is step by step instructions involved.

I sent Valentines cards from this Etsy shop last year, they don't have any this year but still make some fun whimsical cards worth exploring. This year if I were to send cards (which I am not) it would be this letter press that says I love you plain & simple or of course these cards from here.

Well it's the weekend, plain and simple.

P.S. - I am still obsessing over this house {the below photos via Cote De Texas} The daughter's room makes me think of Valentines Day so it is only appropriate that it is included in the post.

P.P.S. - I almost forgot to include this great Valentine's craft download found here. Below image via A Field Journal.


nest of posies said...

it seems appropriate to say...
I L*O*V*E* this post. ;)
you can get us all in the spirit of a holiday in a snap with your lovely images & household activities. thanks for the mention.

hope you have a LOVE filled weekend!


Shannon said...

[Luv] from Awesome AUSTIN.

Christi Bennett @ pisforparty said...

Don't you just love Sally Wheat's house?! I'm a little obsessed with her other one too! Or maybe she just decorated it.

I'm from Houston and love reading Cote de Texas!

Room to Inspire said...

Great collection of Valentine inspiration! The photos of your kiddos are adorable and I am loving the lighted garland idea.


Laura said...

LOVE the lighted garland and the cookie cutters! GREAT valentines day idea post!!

Laura said...

PS. Kellie's link isn't linked.

Laura said...

Kelli's pillows are GREAT!!

nest of posies said...

hello sweet friend.

i haven't been "on" too much today so i haven't really checked my traffic - but i know this evening your link seems to be working. because i am getting re-routers like crazy from your "house". ;) thanks again for the mention. i am just honored to be in the collection of "love fools." i'll take that title any day.


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I want that lighted garland right now!!! So fab.

Laura Fuller said...

that cookie letter press is awesome!

Ms. Bright said...

I also L O V E this post!!
I have to have the cookie cutter and I'm SO making a garland like that...but maybe for next year?? :)

Thanks for the warm weather wishes! I need them, I'm freezing!

I'll post the ad next week!

Anonymous said...

I adore the girls room and the message cookies are super cute!


autumn said...

i adore your v-day decorations! perfectly cute and sweet, and at the same time, really elegant and fun.
and those cookie cutters?!
i. must. have. now.

Unknown said...

great post :) do you happen to know the exact link for the i love you (plain and simple) letterpress card? i couldn't find it and i LOVE them.

angela hardison said...

you're welcome! happy almost valentine's day.

Annie said...

Oh my goodness, I want it all! I love V-day crafts, they are all so great. I actually started poking around at your links on your right sidebar to find other sites with good V-day crafts. I found some great ones and stayed up way to late last night working on some for an upcoming mutual.

Those chocolate mustaches on Big M and little C are so hysterical! I WUV them.

sanjeet said...

just love Sally Wheat's house
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