Friday, February 19, 2010



There is a little garden place called Terrain At Home in PA that I dream about. I mean just look @ the above flyers that they use just to market their events. If I were to live anywhere close I would take some of their gardening classes.

Pls. observe the charming gardening tools/accessories below. Most of them are found here.
I would need those pillows just because. The humor in the garden signs are great and I could not garden under any circumstances without a little humor.

In theory I really love the concept of having a garden.
It's only a theory @ this point because I have never grown one all by myself.
In which I feel is a good idea to prove this theory for myself someday soon.
I understand the value that goes into growing one and have even reaped the rewards of other people's gardens
The best is when a quaint little restaurant grows their veggies only meters from their little eatery...I know.

For now I am really enjoying thinking about the parallels of life & the growing of a garden.

*Takes much patience
*Takes light
*Sometimes needs a extra boost
*Takes cultivating
*If at first garden doesn't turn out the way one wants, stick with it because next year the soil will be much richer and prepared to be a success
*Takes work & discipline

Of course I would have to have a nice space to sit and watch the garden grow.

Happy weekend!


Day by Day Design said...

I desperately needed a healthy dose of your blog today! Thank you for being so lovely, and for sharing with the rest of us!

nest of posies said...

i think you already are a "green thunb" at everything you touch. it doesn't have to be in a garden per say, to watch it grow. YOU create a "bunch of gorgeous-ness" everyday.

happy weekend!

nest of posies said...

i meant thumb...not thunb! ha!

Laura said...

I'm getting my own garden this year! We'll be building the garden beds soon. I'm so excited!! Love the plantus unknownus marker. So cute!!

Annie said...

I love gardening. It's so good for the soul and should replace therapy.

Julie at Belle Vivir said...

What a beautiful blue outside room.

Anonymous said...

Christina, I jsut spoke about your blog in mine under my "Updates" post. I hope you do not mind!



Mande said...

After shopping at your Etsy shop I found my way over to your blog. It is fabulous! I am now a follower.

paula said...

I love to garden. It is a lot of work and expensive to start though. It is so worth it when I can get fresh herbs or flowers anytime I want though.

Dayka Robinson said...

Of course i'll tell you where to go if you come. let me know and i'll send you a list.