Wednesday, January 6, 2010

{It's never too late}

Jaimee Rose blogged about my Christmas tree & Holiday Foliage today. I thought I would add to her post by showing off some more fabulous items like the best Christmas stands ever & because it's never too late....Christmas is sure to roll around this year again.  The only problem is they usually only do business with the likes of Polo Ralph Lauren, Restoration Hardware, Vera Wang & Nortstom but if you decide that you want the "Nordstrom Christmas tree" then Holiday Foliage has made an exception to sell it to any of us normal folk.  If you are too cheap to pay shipping and are looking for a road trip then I recommend just driving on over to San Diego (wait perhaps you are reading this from New York so in that case just pay the darn shipping).  If you do go over there make sure to bring a rather large vehicle, trust me I know & so does sister because I almost had to leave her @ the docking gate #1 just to fit the silly tree into the car.

Sorry I didn't share this info sooner but again there is always next year.

A few more items from the site just because:


Anonymous said...

Oh, I want so manythings from Holiday Foilage! Such gorgeousness!

Btw, I made my first trip to SAS Fabrics today.Thank you for telling me about it! I think on my to-do list is to learn how to sew!


Summer said...

I've been following you for a while. You are so much fun to read. I hope you don't mind that I linked a post from my blog to yours.

I love your blog.

Rebecca said...

is the tree actually referred to as the 'nordstrom tree' or should i look for something is the company to deal with in general?

thanks for sharing

Amanda said...

Christmas will indeed arrive again THIS year. (I can't even believe we're saying THIS year... man time flies.) Thanks to your post I now feel less crazy that I already have different (fabulous) decor planned, projects for the tree already underway, and ideas for lots of made by hand touches. Moral of the story... thanks for keeping the Christmas spirit (and excitement) alive. (And of course for making me feel less crazy.) ;)

Cherie said...

Yes, how do we know which tree?

Full House said...

I'm pretty sure that the "Nordstrom tree" is not on their website. If you call Holiday Foliage and just refer to the tree that you want as the "Nordstron tree" then they know what you are talking about. Now I didn't need to see a picture of it online as I had already seen it in the store.

Hope that helps.

Morgan said...

You just made my day! I'm from San Diego and would gladly fill my entire house with EVERYTHING on this website! I don't see prices... can you just show up and shop or is it only certain times of the year that it's open to the public? Thanks! :)

Full House said...

Morgan...I think you have to have an account with them. I went to pick my tree up @ a warehouse and I didn't see any retail shopping there. I've heard that they do have a close-out center somewhere but not sure. I know that on the website there is a contact phone #..that's how I contacted them yo get the tree.