Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I had a whole other post prepared but I had to go with the above because this is how the day feels today....dark but comfy and cozy.  A great day to have a fireplace in the kitchen while sipping chamomile tea.  A girl can dream.  I think there is so much interest in such a simple/humble looking space. What do you think about all of those glass bottle/containers?  I think I need to be on the hunt for my own collection.  I sure love in when great designers update their websites...like Steve Gambrel....one of the greats!

{All photos via S.R.Gambrel}

UPDATE:  It seems to be clearing up already.  Perhaps it is going to be a perfect treasure hunting day instead.  Still trying to decide if I am going to bring the below cabinet home.  You likey?


Debbie said...

Yes, I get to be the first to comment!! (Your readers must have kids and can't get to the computer this early! haha) Wasn't yesterday wonderful? I'm sure if we got rain all the time it wouldn't be so grand but for us, it's a nice quiet cozy day!!

Dayka Robinson said...

Absolutely! You must go snatch it up. So much possibility!

Ms. Bright said...

Yes, I likey.

Amanda said...

Those glass bottles have stolen my heart today. I'm in love with old glass jars of all sorts.... even the dirty ones since all it takes is a little soap and water and they start a whole new life of loveliness. Lucky for me, most of the time no one before me at goodwill sees the potential in such glass jars and I get to grab them! :)

As for that cabinet, I'm a sucker for storage and man is that a pretty piece to use for nearly anything. I imagine it in a bright color, maybe inspired by the teakl on your lovely blog. Can't wait to see what you do with it, if it comes home with you.

As for your post on needing some sanity the other day... I was right tehre with you pretty mama but unfortunately for me, the worlds greatest baguettes are nowhere near where I live. ;)

Laura said...

I love that huge fireplace!
I'm thinking yes sir ree for the cabinet. I likey!

Mary said...

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