Sunday, January 24, 2010

{crumb bum coffee cake}

Sometimes when I am stressed I take myself to a very happy land of pink tufted banquettes, herbal tea & sour cream coffee cake.
For some odd reason a schreechy squeely little voice usually always wakes me up from my little daydreams.

Then I really do make coffee cake except I don't eat it on pink tufted banquette seats.
I'm still content though.
Even if I am sitting on the floor with five little doggies.
Now the crumbs won't hit the floor as hard.
Less distance to fall.

Speaking of crumbs....
If husband were to be gone a 3rd weekend in a row I would have to revert to saying "crumb bum" I did when I was a kid and something didn't go my way.

Husband is home now and all is well.
2 weekends alone is torture.

"Oh crumb bum". (that one was for you sissy)

For coffee cake recipe go here.

source of top photo unknown


Ms. Bright said...

You poor thing! You are one capable mama!! Mmm, now you've got me thinking sour cream coffee cake. I think I'll make it for when my dear hubby returns from his trip!

I'm hoping to tag you in a post in the next few days, start thinking about "your 10", as in the things or stuff you can't live without or wouldn't want to!

Amanda said...

I don't know how you do it. ...and stay looking so lovely in the meantime. I'd be curious to know your 10 things you can't live without, although I bet we could guess five of them easily based on your precious picture. ;)

Jenn said...

I love your Blog, you have darlin' kids! I noticed that you have a USU sweatshirt on...I am a fellow Aggie! :)
Have a wonderful day!

nest of posies said...

you are such an inspiration to me & soooo many others.
coming through a week of my 3 & auntie sis in the house (basically like 4 kids) i have a new respect for ANY mother who has 4 or more. and look at you...5 beautiful kids. that i know are a handful. i have said it before & i know i will say it again, you are one amazing lady & mama!

Debbie said...

So who took that picture??

Full House said...


When you read my family blog then you will see who took the picture.

Love you!

Laura said...

Your family is adorable!!! The coffee cake sounds delish, I'll have to make it. :-)

LindsB said...

You have a beautiful family!! Glad your husband is home now, I hope he lets you go to the land of tufted banquettes for real soon :)

sherry said...

It is nice to see that you sometimes wear sweatshirts like the rest of us;) Though I must say you know how to rock it.

Erin said...

That picture is from Sweet in Boston. Amazing flavors of cupcakes like gingerbread or butterscotch during the holidays...they even offer shots of frosting.

Rhonda said...

Hi Christina!!! I just know caught up on all of you post that were unread in my google reader. (Which was A LOT!) I haven't been a good reader lately. As always, I'm impressed how creative & inspiring you are! I have to say, I love to see that you can chill out in comfy clothes like I do much of. You just always seem so put together! Jealous!