Friday, January 8, 2010

A*D*D or just add it to the list

My ToDo list is very long. In fact so long that I feel overwhelmed and that combined with my apparent need to start and not finish projects is no good.  

For example I love to rescue lamps with great intentions of updating them with a new lucite base, lampshade or a set of new wires.  

Alas they sit and they sit.  Great intention turn into clutter of my space and of my brain.

That is why this year I resolve to finish things I start which means I have to simplify, focus, be disciplined & prioritize.  Ever heard the saying quality over quantity...well I think that just may be one of the motto's this year.

Just to prove that I am serious about this I have just purchased a set of very beautiful, heavy, solid and not so cheap lamps.  It was a very hard purchase for me to make but you know what... they have a space in my home instead of creating clutter.  I don't have to fix them which has in turn simplified my life....see the new motto is already working.

Do you like how I am selling this purchase on myself? Oh why must I love lamps, chairs, linens, artwork, vases, mirrors & pillows  SO much?  Perhaps I should have saved this post for April Fool's Day so that I would have a way out.  I mean what do I do next time I see one of those sculptural beauties with curves or with straight lines.

So just to review:


Quality over quantity.
Simplify even more.
Finish projects that I start.

Now anybody want to go thrifting:-)?  

I think I may have ADD.

Have a great weekend!



Busy Bee Lauren said...

I'm going thrifting tomorrow with my friend Lindsay. You should come :)

Um. My goal is to finish projects as well. But I always start new ones. Gah!

René said...

I love the way you think...great affirmation! BTW, the lamps are pretty great too!

Amanda said...

If you're looking for a way to de-clutter/simplify things a little I know someone (*cough* me *cough*) that would love the aqua lamp and the white lamp that need some fixing. I'd have thnose babies shipped asap if you need them to be adopted. Lol. Seriously, all of the lamps you've found are stunning... how in the world are you going to deprive yourself the delight of bringing them home with you? Maybe you could start a new trend where you use lamp bases as "sculptures" of sorts. ;) I better hurry on over to my own ever-so-lengthy to-do list now. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

duchess said...

Oh how I needed to hear that. I'm the queen of the unfinished projects. My to-do list right now is sending my brain into shut-down mode.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous lamps! I have the same problem. I currently have 5 lamps over my shoulder that I keep glancing at realizing I need to get working on them. (I also have a garage full of three wing chairs, a dresser and coffee table that are on my to-do list). My first goal, "Quit looking at Craigslist." Second goal, "Stay out of thrift stores." Good luck to the both of us.

Laura said...

Love your new lamp, and love your rescued lamps also! Good luck with your goal to simplify!

christy said...

The lamps on the table & surround made me smile. I have seen similar images in my home, thank goodness for the shed to hide all of my "projects". :) Love, love the new lamp though! Beautiful & artistic.

I set up a new rule last year, I am only allowed to bring home "stuff" that I have a place for, a use for or a purpose. I can't just buy stuff (even at the GW) "just because". It then becomes overhwelming.

niconner said...

Love your blog! And you great taste...I have the same lamps!:)

erin said...

Um, hello are you my twin I need to take your advice as well because my brain is getting cluttered now with my insane love of "making things over", I must to focus this year!!!!

Liza said...

My unfinished projects aren't lamps, but there are many of them. I just wish I could cut down on clutter!

Debbie said...

looks like you are in good company. I had to laugh when you said you have ADD. Instantly I heard Annie A. in my head and thought, there's a little of that in all of us!!

Jami said...

I have a love for lamps as well. I found a great pair at savers a couple of weeks ago. I had know idea where to put them, so I walked around the store with them, and loved on them...then sadly I talked myself out of them. FOCUS! I have the same problem with picture frames

alison giese Interiors said...

If I didn't have a lamp addiction before, I've certainly got one, now. Those finds are killer!!