Monday, June 13, 2011

gold leaf burled bowls

Loving the above bowls made here locally in Arizona. If I had one I could certainly find a place for it on a desk or a table. In case you need to see a picture of a desk or a table then I posted the below..

Also if you feel the need for one of the above gorgeous gold leaf burled bowls then you can go here to get in contact with the makers.



Unknown said...

those gold bowls are beautiful. i love the funky orange chairs in your last image

Anonymous said...

Love those bowls, but I'm totally crazy for the desk. Stunning!

kelleyp said...

love the rawness of that bowl.
wondered where you have been but saw the post below and all was answered. hope your summer is going well although we will start to melt in this sun come Wednesday. i think it is suppose to be 104! too much sunshine. i need to go over to california ( or hawaii)!

Unknown said...

That desk is amazing!

Kristin Fitzgerald said...

The bowls are gorgeous! Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Love these bowls!! I mentioned you in my post today on some fabric I got from your recommendation...

Haute Mama said...

I'm going to be thinking about those bowls ALL day and willing them to just show up on my doorstep.

Also- Maui looked incredible. I'm trying to be so happy for your amazing getaway, but really I'm just jealous :)

Jimmy The Undercover Designer said...

Beautiful abstract shapes. And I like your choice of pictures for the tbale chairs and desk

Unknown said...

Love love the bowls and the interior shots are amazing as well- the 2nd one with the orange chairs and antique rug is incredible!

Anonymous said...

Do you have an idea where to get this great desk? Thanks, Dave

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