Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{painting techniques}


Just observing the paint in both the above scenario as well as the the below. It certainly has got me thinking about all of the possibilities. I love how the walls in the top image look dye-dipped. The above space was shown at the 2010 Hampton Designer Showhouse and was designed by Lisa Sternfeld.

As for the below nails I came across the below tutorial on Pinterest that shows a technique to create marbleized nails. Looks kind of fun to try for a change. Oh by the way, are you on Pinterest? If so come and find me here.

I still may be just a plain and simple kind of paint girl. What about you?



Whitney said...

Yikes! Those fingernails are wild. But the walls are divine, and I tahnk you for the inspiration. I have used Ralph Lauren Paint's tutorials for paint effects and had great results.

Have a great day!
- Whitney from Consider Yourself At Home

kelleyp said...

my 11 year old daughter will love this post about the nails.
the dip dyed walls are amazing. would totally do that in a beach house.

aLena said...

Love it .. my sister uses the same technique for her nails and has been bugging me about finally trying it as well ... I think this is the motivation i needed lol

vmichelle said...

These fingernails are amazing! :-) Love it.

KirknesS said...

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