Wednesday, June 29, 2011

real estate stalking


When I came upon the above real estate listing, I kept trying to guess who the designer of the above space was. In the end I didn't get it right but when I found out who designed the space it all made sense. To think that the above space is only cleaned up for real estate pictures. I can only imagine how the above space would look all styled up ready for a talented photographer to come in and take pictures for editorial purposes. If you are curious about the designer or to learn more about the above space then go here.

Also there is a good chance of finding some more beautiful interiors while real estate stalking over on the Elliman site if you want to check out more spaces. I also really enjoyed this space as well as this space. May help that many of the listings are high end spaces in New York City.

{above photos via Elliman}


Laurel-Dawn McBurney said...

I love, love this place. Wow- the kitchen tile is STUNNING and I love all of the lighting in this home- especially the lighting in the closet!

Kari said...

Classic Jeffrey Bilhuber interior, he's fantastic!! I think I've seen this one published in Elle Decor awhile back. love love love

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous rooms, although I think any design with those views would be pretty amazing!

Laura said...

Oooh la, la. Loved everything about it.

Joanna said...

Very classic! I just love the soft pallets. Cool post, check out also 3D Rendering

Unknown said...

That house is awesome and full of personality. The high gloss black walls look pretty sweet. Also, I am in love with the knobs you made!

Whitney said...

Love the color palette.

Joanna said...

Lovely interior! So cozy and chic! Check out also 3D Rendering

angela hardison said...

oh, wow. wow. those top two photos are especially amazing.

Unknown said...

I love it. Thanks for sharing!!

Jamie Herzlinger said...

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Funposts, just caught up on reading!
Hope all is well!
Jamie Herzlinger

Ashley said...

Why, oh why, wouldn't anyone sell such a perfect apartment? It's flawless!

Joanna said...

I like the carpets, nice colors and prints! The space is chic and the overall design is lovely! Cool post, check out also 3D Rendering

Jilly said...

I like your all of the lighting collection in this home, especially the lighting in the closet. Your blog is best source of soft pallets.
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Robin Hood said...

the kitchen design is splendid. I like this place.

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Anonymous said...

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Life is Beautiful said...

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