Saturday, June 11, 2011



Did you know that you could buy a home for $280,000 in Maui? Well that is at least what our server at Momma's Fish House told us because he had just purchased a home up on the countryside. He, his wife and baby had come to the island from California with high hopes of some great surfing. He loved it so much that he joined the other 35% of Californians who make up Maui's population. I think $280,000 for a 1800 square foot home on Maui doesn't sound too shabby....but could I really live on an island? Speaking of surfing I just found out what a hang ten really in the world? Also while in the ocean I was plummeted by a powerful wave and thought about a) the power of a tsunami and b) how I would stick to wake-boarding and not attempt to surf. Really surfing is hard and takes some serious those "no fear" kind of skills.

Anyway Maui was our destination as a last minute trip and boy it really worked well with our life. I'm not too sure it worked well with the life of Grandma and Aunt Linda though...angels I like to call them as they took care of the home front while we were away. It was the longest we had been away from the kids but a much needed break. While we were away we kept mainland communication to a minimum..which meant no internet (note to self: do that more often). In my opinion, Maui offers such a diverse experience so it really is a great destination for all . The first part of the trip we stayed in a budget hotel and then the second part of the trip we splurged on a nice oceanfront resort. We came to the conclusion that on Maui a nice resort was not our style. We like to get out, move our bodies, find secret nude beaches (because we did) and a nice place with all the amenities doesn't suite our fancy. In fact a nice comfortable bed with the sound of the waves crashing outside our window was all we needed. I could go on and on but am thinking I will stop..however if you are planning a trip over there and need some good suggestions on places to see, places to eat and places to stay then email me. I feel like we experienced enough over there that I could offer some great suggestions...many of them budgets friendly ideas. Aloha, Mahalo and Go, Fight Win.

P.S. - I think I just may follow a ton of blogs because my google reader was over 2000 unread posts when I got back. Still trying to figure out how I am going to handle all of my internet dealios. I sure can't wait to see what kind a fun and creative stuff you all have been up to.


S said...

Beautiful photos... love love love maui and am now dreaming of a trip!

Michaela said...

How fun!! What beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous pics! looks like a fantastic trip. LOVE that clutch as well - a real stunner.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

oh wow Christina and I was actually wondering how come you were MIA but it looks it was so worth it! beautiful pics and you look so happy! Love how excited the kids are!

kellie said...

i would love some maui ideas - we are going in august but are taking our four daughters with us! any tips would be appreciated!

Joanna said...

Gorgeous table and chairs! Nice post, check out also 3D Rendering

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

what cute pics! ;) I've been eyeing that green stoned clutch at banana for a while now and you've made me edge closer and closer to buying it ;)

Unknown said...

how wonderful. Glad you got to get away, you deserve it. welcome back!

bazaarofserendipity said...

Christina, I've been worried about you!! I even said a little prayer that you were ok b/c no blog posts from you!!! Now im just jealous that you were in Hawaii!!! Lucky girl, we went Maui (napali bay) a few years back and I loved it!! so gorgeous and relaxing!

nest of posies said...

how totally awesome for you two! and what a place to get away!!! it's so beautiful & i could live that lifestyle any time.


Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Whoa, that's my kind of last minute getaway! So glad you enjoyed it, you definitely deserve a break once in awhile.

Would love to get out there someday, but it's such a hike for us east coasters.

camkathbish said...

We would love some Maui suggestions. We were there about 8 years ago and loved it. We are considering taking our 21 and 24 year old daughter and son.

Thank you!

Jenn-Bee said...


My husband and I were married at Makena Cove five years ago this coming October. We are going back to celebrate five years of happily ever after! Genrelly we go to Oahu; we are big fans and love the hiking on Oahu.

We did not eat at Mama's Fish House. Do you recommend it? Do you have any other recomendations? I am not sure if you had a chance to try Aloha Mixed Plate, but for a budget meal and quite an experience, we loved it.

Glad you and hubby had some alone time!

Jen in Phoenix

angela | the painted house said...

What a lovely getaway with the man, Miss Bamboo Princess. And, aren't you brave to paddle a little boat on the open seas! Wonderful photos--LOVE the homecoming shot with the little ones. :)

Whitney said...

NUDE BEACHES!!!! Where do I sign up? Ha ha. Im so glad you guys got to go on a getaway with each other. I think we should all pitch in buy a house and go there every summer. Done deal!

Laura said...

Looks like an amazing getaway!! Love the photos!

I haven't been to Maui yet - my favorite of the islands we have visited is Kauai.

PS - I love the nude beach tidbit. :-)

Unknown said...

Ah, my homeland! I love hearing others enjoying all that Hawaii has to offer. Maui is certainly beautiful.

Welcome back!

Samantha said...

Maui is great.

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