Thursday, September 2, 2010

Robot me gusta

I wonder if my home would be different if it were a wine house rather than a "whine house"..if you know what I mean.

You know the saying, "that's going to drive me to drink" and trust me if I were ever going to use that saying it would clearly be applicable now more than ever.
Alas I do not drink even though I have a bottle of dry white wine sitting on my top shelf in the pantry...I make a killer risotto with shrimp. I am totally fine with not drinking alcohol because it makes me feel very ayurvedic (that one is for you Tori) and besides I am already really fun to hang out with, I swear.

Seriously all of that aside I have been forced to ponder many things as of late because it seems life has been a bit trying and I have turned into robot momma. One may think that robot momma is like some kind of super momma but in this case would be considered a bad thing. Robot momma has a hard time feeling the good emotions because she is overwhelmed and focused in on the daily mundane stuff that comes with being a Mom. We all know that words related to mundane are everyday, routine, unremarkable but what I found interesting is that in the dictionary the first definition of mundane is "of or pertaining to this world or earth as contrasted with heaven". That really hit me because I believe we should strive to have a little heaven on earth and I believe the ultimate goal is to make it back to if my perpesctive is correct then mundane should be kicked to the curb and that sometimes means there has to be a change or a reinvention of oneself. I have a few things up my sleeve so we'll see if those little changes will help out.

I'm thinking this would be a great time to observe happenings that don't suddenly seem so mundane even if they are everyday happenings. Kind of heavenly if you ask me...mixed with some fur coats and sequins.









*Never have seen a few boys so happy to have a train set in my life.

*Literally crying at the sight of little children snug as a bug in their beds because they looked so precious.

*Was given a special ticket to a "music concert" live and unplugged on the white cowhide rug.

*A certain little 5 year old girl who told me she would like a fluffy furry coat only to have her Mom pull out a real fur shrug (don't worry it's vintage) and have it fit her perfectly. Oh yes I plan on wearing it this winter.

*Those tender moments when the boys aren't so territorial and want to be best buddies.

*A special Wed. when help arrived so this crazy lady could go run errands by herself without kids. Don't think I didn't wear a sequined top to celebrate. Also was really excited to trade in my Trader Joe's bag for a customized shopping bag that was monogramed by Bag Full of Posies. I must mention that the lady behind the shop is my friend and if you feel the need to upgrade your Trader Joe's bag too then may I suggest checking out her shop here. I think they would make great gifts...shhh don't tell my sisters. Love you Kellie. Did you notice the green shopping bag matches my sweet green vaccum?

P.S. - Thank you Bella Girls for featuring my blog with some of the best homies around. Really there are some very cool girls that are from my town. I like them. Go here to read more.


Kiran said...

They are just adorable!!! She is rocking that fur coat!


Chats with Jack said...

I really liked this post for many reasons. I would have never guessed that the definition of mundane would say that. I highly recommend the book, Cold Tangerines: Celebrating the Extraordinary Nature of Everyday Life. I guarantee you will relate.

Emily said...

I enjoyed this post immensely. I grew up as one of four very close in age kids, and this gave me the ultimate sense of home. We spent so many days just playing at home and turning to my mom when we got bored - and her closet. It really is beautiful, I miss our young family. So great that you are wise enough to capture the everyday.

Brianne Pitts-Wells said...

First of all, I love your cute pants, and your blog. Plus, the more I read your words, the better I feel about being a mom and having similar feelings. I love your sense of style and your posts give me motivation to be productive and enjoy all things in the moment with my kids, but also find balance with my own interests. Thanks

angela | the painted house said...

I get it! So glad you had an afternoon to yourself and your sequins. That fur is something good to look forward to this winter. I just inherited one in January and haven't worn it yet...I will be looking to you for genius styling tips. :)

Good to see more posts up! From one robot to another...

MerciBlahBlah said...

THANK YOU for writing this post. it is hard when reading others in blogland not to compare oneself to them, which I do all too frequently, and always come up on the short end of the stick. Not that I am happy that you have been having a difficult time - far from it - but it is always comforting when I realize YET AGAIN that I am not the only one feeling these feelings at times! You, and your sequins and fur shrug, ROCK.


MerciBlahBlah said...

You kiddos are delicious.

: )

Dayka Robinson said...

i am in love with your green oreck & sweet family! i can imagine that you have your hands full with everything going on, but what amazing moments you must catch!

nest of posies said...

my dear robot friend!

i love you! i can't wait to see what tricks you are going to pull to overcome the mundane. i would never say your name & mundane in the same sentence, however. you are so far from it.
beautiful pictures to capture what your home is like.

i love non-territorial days. they are my very fave!

thank you for the mention. you are the best. next time, take some pics of you in the sequins. ;)


Samantha said...

Pardon my superficiality but I LOVE the dress, fur and tiara.

Tammy said...

Reading this post totally hits me right where I'm mudane-land. Thanks for good reminders.

Also, your decor gives me hope that I can have boys as well as nice (breakable) items!

Shannon said...

I think I just went through about 1-2 years of feeling mundane. Maybe I felt that way but I know my kids had fun!! lol

We just have to be super creative and have lots of play dates and craft time.

There's something about things staying the same and then there's something about them changing. Both are good.

PS: I like your Oreck!

Love from 'monsoony' Austin
Shannon and Family

The Bella Life said...

I'm not a mother yet (and not a mother of 5), but I can definitely relate to this post. My days are spent working, working, making dinner and working. Before I know it, it's bed time and I start the cycle all over. Mundane.

Although I tend to feel like a Robot, I wouldn't have it any other way. I'd rather be too busy than not busy at all.

P.S. Thanks for The Bella Life link love. You're too kind.


Lindsay Rector said...

Christina -- I need you for my life coach! I am feeling 100% like "Robot Mama" I know too well what you mean. Twins just turned 3, Tayler's now 20 mos. and i need to let go and have fun....! You're inspiring and beautiful. And tomorrow is a new day and I will try what you've suggested. Love you friend, Lindsay