Monday, September 27, 2010

Inspiration from Sweet Paul and the weekend



This weekend I read through the latest online Fall issue of Sweet Paul. I was really inspired to try a new recipe when I saw the above submitted by one of Paul's readers. I also feel the need to tell anybody out there interested in making a delicious stew to give butternut squash and white beans a shot..SO GOOD! Also why pursuing Sweet Paul's latest issue I came across the styling for the below table setting. Loved the concept and many of the simple ideas that went into creating this little set-up.





Then in between church, sick kids and painting I was most inspired by my little girl who got up in front of our church congregation and stated the following by heart:

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

I don't know about you...but sometimes the whole everlasting life thing scares me..haha. Lets be honest though, doesn't everlasting life sound well just that..EVER LASTINGGG at times..and there are just some things should not last longer than a shake of a lambs tail. Good thing I am not basing everlasting life on kids who are puking for a living. Bless their hearts.

As for the boysie's room, we painted it and I picked up some handsome fabric for $1.00 a yrd to make duvet covers. I really love the concept of built in beds or three single beds but we either do not have the space or the budget. Funny thing about that bunk bed....we bought one from IKEA and got it all put together & painted only to find a warning sticker saying it was not recommended for kids under 6, nice. Anyway I think we might be able pull this room together if I can get over mixing navy blue with black because I really want to use that sweet trim. Anybody else have issues with mixing navy and black?




P.S. Just a side note but Modern Manor in Phoenix is awesome. I almost bought the above desk there a few weeks ago.


kelleyp said...

love navy and black together. just go for it. i'm sure it will rock.

Anonymous said...

What type of fabric did you choose for the boys' duvets? I have been contemplating what type to choose for my 9 year old boy. Love the room so far!

Katie said...

love that desk!

Amanda said...

helloooo lovely.

i've not had much to say lately as my thoughts have been quite blue... and not the good kinda blue like what you've started in your precious little boys' room. :(

however, i've been keeping up on life in the "full house" and i had to say something tonight... that scripture was the very first scripture i memorized as a little girl. and although there certainly is beauty in the idea of everlasting life, i feel like it's out of our range of understanding or fully imagining. so how sweet of one of your little angels to share that with your congregation. :)

as for the boys' room, i'm soon to start making over my growing toddler man's room and take TONS of inspiration from your ideas. the navy and black, although i get your hang up on it, look great together. canNOT wait to see the outcome.

silly6 said...

I love that desk! Is it an orangey-red? Does that store ship? I am redoing a family room and dining room with that red accent. It would be perfect for my empey kitchen/dining room wall.

I think, after looking at your pallet, navy & black won't be a big issue. Go for it.

nest of posies said...

ANYTHING you decide to do, i know will LOOK fabulous!

navy is such a good all around color. black will make it pop.

hope those boys feel better. so sorry. not fun coming fresh off of a fun vacay to sick little ones. boo.

jonalynn said...

I found Modern Manor via Craigslist a few weeks ago and have been wanting to check it out. That desk is fabulous. How are their prices?

Full House said...

Christina - It is a cotton fabric that I am praying can be put in the washer with no probs. I am going to test it soon. Just couldn't beat the $1 a yard price. Have you check out some of the duvet covers @ Ikea? They really have some great options for a great price.

Full House said...

silly6 - They don't have the desk anymore darn it. Not sure if they ship. If I see another one there I will ask them for you.

Jonalynn - The prices were not too bad. I believe the desk was priced @ $125. Some things I thought were over priced but overall I thought they were fair.

Julie Holloway said...

How sweet & priceless to hear that recited.

I love the combo of the wall color, pillows and blankets in the boys' room. Calming & fun (and don't we need all the calmness we can get around boys?)

autumn said...

that trim is awesome! i want it...and navy + black will be super fun. go for it.
so lovely that AFTER you get the beds put together is when you find the warning sticker. who are they expecting USES bunk beds anyway?

MerciBlahBlah said...

SO sorry to hear you have sick kiddos. I am DREADING the first time the stomach bug hits.

Oh mylanta, that butternut squash white bean stew looks delish. I will be trying that out this weekend - thanks for the link, mamacita!


Bri@Meyouandawiener said...

Most of my house is dark navy blue, I have thrown a lot of black in there and it looks great does not bother me or anything black goes with everything, it's great trim btw!

christy said...

Love the pieces you have purchased for the boy's room! Can't wait to see it. Getting ready for a mini-redo of my son's room soon.

As for the bunks, Nolan was in his at age 4, totally didn't see the warning until after assembly. No one has fallen from the top bunk, yet, they jump off it (to a bean bag)!

Whitney said...

AHhh I have the same problem! I cant mix them, I just cant. I cant wait to see the boys room.

LindsB said...

love the colors you have picked out for the boys room- I think its going to come togther perfectly and i might just want to move in myself :)

Unknown said...

I just bought a table from Modern Manor last week. Yup, took a day, drove all the way to Phoenix just for the table. Love that desk!

Bridget said...

love it all

Laura said...

Their room is going to look SO good!! I can't wait to see your finished product!