Thursday, August 6, 2009

New blog love & can you spot the burlap chalkboard tags?

GarlandA Big Red BoxBundle of New PencilsPackaging by Kate Hibbs of PaperleafRifferaffe PackagingFree Printable Favor Boxes, from T&TPinwheelsAmy Atlas Paper BagsBoutonniersLetterpress Fortune Teller
Paper HyacinthsDIY DahliaPaper Scrap GarlandPURPLE PICNIC WEDDING WRAPButterfly Bags
Burlap Chalkboard TagsPrinted ClothespinsNew Block Prints at SavvywrapRandi Brookman HarrisFREE FROM BLUEPRINT

I found this blog that made me a tid bit giddy when I saw it.  All the above photos are from the blog Giver's Log inspired gift wrap section.  Lots of great ideas to be found on that blog from wrapping a present to ideas on gift giving.  Check out the the Givers Log more more of the details.

Oh & did you happen to notice the burlap tags?   They were recently added to the Giver's Log mix of inspired gift wrap from around the web.  I never thought about using the tags for gift wrap but I thought it was a brilliant idea.

****So go ahead and enter into the fun give away for a chance to win those tags or that cute pillow because this is the last day.  Just scroll down a few posts****


Marketing Unscrambled, Home edition said...

Wow, those are wonderful. That is a site that we are keeping. Never know when you might need something like these. Thank you for sharing.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

Anonymous said...

4th down omg congrats! :D