Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Knock, knock.....

......who's there? Orange. Orange who? Orange you glad somebody gets to live in this beautiful, sleek Napa Valley cottage?

{Bear with me while I daydream a bit}
Actually you know what would be better than having somebody live in the below home is actually being friends with the homeowners & having them invite me over for a vacay & then going out to bask in the culinary goodness offered all around Napa & Sonoma. Perhaps an eating establishment that grows all of their own fruits & veggies on site. Oh how I love good food.

Sometimes I have this conflict inside because I really love patterns, textures, layers, & color, color, color but then I see something simple, refined, a bit more moncrome or shall we say black & white & then I jump on that band wagon. Sometimes I like things in decor to look more masculine & then on a flip of a dime I decide that I really like something feminine & glamourous. (Does anybody else do this?) I'm not saying this conflict is a bad thing but certainly can make it difficult to either decide how to decorate or how to fuse both styles. Actually my budget decorating kind of eliminates these issues all together because we just do the best we can with the funds we have so it may not always look like what is in my dream file. 4 years ago when I saw the below photos in Mom's Architectual Digest I was smitten. I have come back to them on occasion to remember the reason I love Michael Vanderbyl & Anna Hernandez's home. It's those darn dark wood floors with all of the contrasting white trim that does it to me every time.

These photos are especially inspiring to me right now as our brand new dark wood floor should finally be done today....YEAH! So today I am feeling happy about dark wood floors & a friend who helped us get a really good deal on them.

Now how do I keep them clean?
Once again I take the risky route, kind of like my love of white & upholstering a chair all white after I was full advised not to. Do I really have 5 little kids? Why yes I do.

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Whitney said...

Why yes I will move into the cottage with you and we will eat strawberries and whipped cream all day. I know these people dont have kids or grandkids because no one can keep white white for very long.

e.e. said...

wow, i don't care if all the white gets dirty, i want to go to there!

Marketing Unscrambled, Home edition said...

Very, Very Nice. Black and White such a contrast.

As for cleaning your new floors a steam mop is great. It cleans with just water. Kills the germs and dries very quickly and it does not hurt the floor. Using a mop and water leaves water standing on the floor-that could make problems with the floor. Shark is one company that makes them. Enjoy your new floor.

Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"