Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Me-Me-Me is a fun game that we like to play @ our house.  For example I ask the kids "who wants candy" then they respond in unison "Me-Me-Me".  Obvious response you say?  I mean really what child wouldn't want candy?  I even liked candy so much myself when I used to live on Juniper St. 23 years ago that I formed an exclusive candy club except anybody could join (especially if they brought the candy). Well back to our family game....what do you think our children would say if we asked them if they wanted to eat a dog , wanted to smell stinky socks or wanted to kiss a lizard?  If you think at this point the Me-Me-Me(s) would halt then you are dead wrong.  So you see no matter what the question may be the answer is always the same & that's why this game is so fun.  The only problem is husband & I are a little too entertained by this game.  Well maybe it's not a problem but I admit it's quite possible husband and I need a date alone or something.

On our family date tonight we went to the mall play area.  Have I mentioned that I promised myself I would never let my kids play in such places?  Don't worry, I still know how to stand my ground but I caved & upgraded them to play in mall play areas but only the ones that are closed in & only if I remembered to bring the hand sanitizer.  Husband & I stood like guards with our arms folded (cause we were all business) @ the entrance and we still had a few close calls with escapees.  Good thing I had lots of energy to be a crime fighting guard tonight.  I give credit to all of the extra energy to the  Paradise Bakery chippers and a compliment I was given earlier by a 80 year old man.  On the way home there were a couple requests to eat @ a restaurant.  I was thinking oh my little girls are becoming so refined to like the finer things like eating @ nice restaurants.  The refinement thing took a turn for the worst as they stated their idea of fine dining was at In-N-Out BUGER (that's how they say it).  The best is when one of the "M"'s goes to Out-N-In buger (get it?) on the front row of church with mammason standing in the back helplessly watching her do this as everybody is probably starring at her thinking, "Who's that little girls Momma"  Oh that was torture so I had to just walk away, walk away I say.


Jami said...

well, I frequent the mall play lands.
They are probally dirty and gross...but they look clean, and Grace loves them. But we bring along wipes.

Erin said...

Haha! Hysterical! Glad to see I'm not the only who guards those mall play areas like I'm guarding the President! I swear, most of the time, I see parents multitasking and have no idea where their kid is or what they are doing. Hand sanitizer rocks my world :)P.S. LOVE the bench! Trying to find a cute bench to reupohlster. Not sure where I get these itches from. I'm determined to do it to something though!

Debbie said... least they don't end up on the wall behind their bed!!

Courtney Vance said...

Is it sad that I follow Dan around with hand sanitizer? He's learned to just hold out his hands whenever we've been somewhere like the gym. Sad.