Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So our electricity was out all day yesterday.  That meant no dishes, no cooking or no laundry.  Pretty much just slowed down and looked @ lots of shadows cast on the ground of me & my gang as we loaded & unloaded trying to find our next air-conditioned shelter.  I think on average we wore out our welcome wherever we went within 30 minutes or less so that's why we made so many stops.  Anyway back to our shadows....I really loved looking @ them because they made my "little misters" look like they still could be babies.  It's not easy coming to grips with this transition and I deny that they are practically singing their ABC's and that they no longer need Momma to feed them.  You see I am just trying to come to grips with the fact that the little misters are well just that...little misters.  I savor every moment of babydom.  It's going so fast I think I may even cry.  I adore every little creature 4 and under at my house even if I still have to run to the bathroom after my girls yell, "I'm Done".  Who's business is it anyways that I still clean up after my girls business and they are school goers (preschool that is).  I wonder if their teachers will be able to hear them yell from the bathrooms all the way down the hall...maybe I will just have to pack a lunch for myself as well so that I can make it through a whole day of school too.  

Let's forget about that for now and just focus on the big coming of age party we are about to embark on with the future triple dueces.  It is going to be so much fun.  It's kind of going to be a party of sorts to make fun of Momma for being so sentimental in losing her babies and I'm going to face my fear head on with an "big boy" party.  You can kind of compare my tactic to that of Prada.  Case in point Prada has always had a fear of lace so to conquer that fear they came out with a whole Fall 2008 line in lace. Why do I know this..I don't know I just do.  Kind of take after my Dad in knowing random tid bits of trivia.  Have I told you how much I love talk radio....blame that on Dad too...oh and the stupid jokes...don't blame that on Dad because I don't tell any stupid ones.  Come to think of it, why doesn't my husband ever laugh at my jokes?

Prada Lace Fall 2008

Even if comparing Pradas fear of lace to my fear of babies growing up seems a little silly it still happens to be part of my random thought process that then led me to think my next thought.  You see I started to think about the fact that I liked the Prada lace so I had to make a hair accessory inspired by it.  I then gifted it to my sister for Christmas and I welcome any thought pattern that brings me to think of sister even if it is because of some funny little lace creations.  Nonetheless sister wears it quite nicely.  Have I mentioned that she just had her birthday?  I feel so bad because I was unable to make it to her party due to inclement weather or was it that she lives on the other side of the world?  Sorry the birthday fairy is running a little behind.  Miss you love muffin!

P.S. - Thank you for the nice gift you just sent.  I love it.

Some items that are inspiring the "big 2" party.


Marketing Unscrambled, Home edition said...

Good job on the wall paper. It looks good. Love it when it rains in the desert. It is wonderful. Shadows on the lawn is fun also. Have a great birthday party with your little ones.
Dan and Deanna "Marketing Unscrambled"

paula said...

It's so hard watching them grow up:( I just love the head piece you made for your sister. It's gorgeous!

Stacey Crewse said...

It was a good day for the electricity to go out... considering the somewhat cool rainy day :) Trying to be positive like you super mama! Love your lace creation for Annie! Have I told you youre amazing??

Whitney said...

Cant wait for the PARTAY!!! Im inviting myself. Atleast I hope Im invited. No electricity? thats rough. However I didnt see you at my house... how rude! ha ha.

Annie said...

I just realized I never commented on this post and of course I have to comment because I made a camio appearance. By the way, I wore that headband so much it finally broke. Yeah, you heard me right. It snapped in two. It was a sad day, a sad day indeed.
So is Prada really afraid of lace? I think they just wanted to do something crazy and make something ordinary into woo-hoo! Regardless, their line was pretty cool. You definitely could pull off all lace.
Oh and before I guys need a generator or something. No electricity in AZ could kill you you know. It's nice that you can just run to Mom and Dad's house if you need to. The way they are setting that place up, you'll be safe there even if a bomb goes off. I love how self sufficient and prepared they are.