Thursday, May 28, 2009

Flats are my latest quest

I saw the above picture & it made me smile because A)  the woman in picture (AKA-Angelina Jolie) is pretending to push one of my very most favorite items, which happens to be the most expensive accessory that I own and B)  she is wearing high heels while being a faux stroller pusher.  

Spending the money on that most expensive accessory that I own was easily justified because it goes with everything & gets much use.  Plus do you notice what a fine piece of stroller it is? It's not just any stroller, it happens to be the most heavy duty beautiful and magical RunAbout riga madu stroller ru (or just RunAbout for short).  I love it & if your into attention getting than this is the stroller is for you.  

P.S. - As soon as I am done with this stroller I will gladly donate it to another mother in need. 

P.S.S - Ok so let's be honest it's kind of a love hate relationship I have with that big blue beast.  Doesn't fit in my car you know unless I get me a hitch.

Speaking of high you know what I was faced to realize the other day?

My ratio of high heel shoes to comfy flats are probably 40:3.  It's that way because I went from corporate dress code to the instant Mom code of 5 in 2.5 years flat & my identity lies within many of those high heel shoes.  Really I wore high heels until I went on bedrest with the twins 1 month before they were born.  People thought I was crazy but what they didn't seem to understand was that my heels and I worked rather well together.  Really I think my friends would have thought something was wrong with me if I showed up in anything but.  I don't think I have ever consciensly dealt with this little issue with my shoes & I, but now that I have finally processed it I do believe the wall that I have put up in reference to flats is ready to be torn down & I feel good about it.  I can finally clearly see myself in flats and not be afraid of losing myself.

Motherhood is kind of a crazy balancing act because you have to really appreciate all that you are gaining all while you're losing a little @ the same time.  If you gain too much motherhood you may lose too much individualhood but if you gain just the right amounts of both they compliment each other & you become quite a powerful product (I have to keep reminding myself of that). There has to be both give and take (mostly give though) factored into the equation because you can only live so long on the take take take road before the oil in the lamp has run dry.   

If you look closely in the picture below you will notice 2 of my 4 pairs of flats.  You will also notice that they happen to be an offering to my Mom who apparently can push a stroller in high heels...very talented.  That's my Momma!  She usually doesn't push strollers all dressed up but came over to surprise us as we headed out the door for our Sunday walk.  Good thing we pretty much have the same size shoe.

And finally an ode to a couple of my greenies. I'll never stop loving you and you really know how to spice up my favorite white dress.


Carol said...

I have to admit, I saw you in flats on Sunday and I did a double take. Good job for breaking down that wall!

Angie said...

With gorgeous green heels like that, please don't forsake them altogether! Don't let motherhood completely run you out of those feminine indulgences. I love having a good selection of cute and practical flats in my closet, but the heels are my go-to for those days that I want to feel beautiful and not like a dead mommy!
Props to you though, for making sacrifices for the mom-role. There isn't anything better!

paula said...

I think that stroller just stole my heart. Funny how things like that can get your heart pounding after you become a mama. I too have succumbed mostly to flats, but pretty flats.

Marian said...

I'm on the opposite side as you, I have to many flats and not enough heels. I blame Hawaii and perpetual beach season :)

Debbie said...

Ahhh, now I see why you wanted a picture of me with my shoes on Sunday. Unlike Angelina though, you know that I am not into "dressing up" to take a stroll. Had I known we would find you walking I would have been the first to dress down and come with tennies in hand!! thanks for sharing made the walk so much more enjoyable for me!!
PS (great shot of the green shoes and limes!)

Whitney said...

I Love wearing my heels! although now carrying a baby a diaper bag and what seems like my whole house Im scared Im going to trip and fall. Your hot and you always will be, in flat and high heels.

Jami said...

I loved this post. I feel the same way about motherhood. But I am still working on getting the balance. I guess it will probally be a life long thing.
Also, those heels are beautiful. But I feel that way about my flats. See if I go anywhere with heels on, then people are like "whats up with Jami"? I would love to become a heels kinda gal...but I just can't shed my flats...they are just to dang comfy!

Scott Jensen said...

I like those green, consider me green with envy.

Annie said...

Liza is such a nerd. I seriously can always count on her to make those kind of comments. Where did she come from anyway? :)
Okay, now let's be honest about your high heeled shoe love them and still do. I think you gave off the slight impression that you are getting rid of them and converting to flats...not my way, no how. You will never give up heels. You love them too much and you love dressing up too much. That's one thing "motherhood" will never take from you.

Amy Lou said...

First of all you look EVEN BETTER than Angelina pushing that stroller.. You are actually PUSHING it! lol... Secondly.... DON'T get rid of those green coach shoes.. They are too too cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!