Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Simplicity, New Year, Casa Olivi & scenes from the weekend

{credit to above photos to Hannes Henz and Gaelle le Boulicaut}

When I came across the Casa Olivi I instantly was attracted to it because it looked like a destination that would prove relaxing in part due to its simplicity...I mean just look at that pool. Again and again when I think of traveling somewhere I often dream of a place that is both warm and modern. Also Casa Olivi is located in Italy and is limited to housing no more than 21..what a quiet getaway for a family...probably a family with lots of dollars in their wallet I am thinking. To see more about Casa Olivi then go here.

As each New Year seems to pass by and the older I get I really seem to crave simplicity. Which means I don't want as much stuff around because for me I have figured out that a) "stuff" owns you & clutters your mind AND b) when aquiring things that it should be a matter of quality over quantity (I've learned this one by experience..bless my early 20's). Don't get me wrong I still like stuff but I am just learning to be better at editing. Overall simplifying makes quality of life so much better when managing a home and family. Things really just don't matter as much as all of life's experiences...and stuff sometimes just gets in the way..ya know?? You know, stuff and things....
Along with simplifying, there are ongoing goals that always seem to make the list every year as well as a few more. This year my list is not long but it did include a few goals that might seem not very noteworthy...such as switching out all of the plastic containers in my pantry for glass storage containers. I also got a head start on another small goal of having more plants around the house and patio by bringing a Meyer lemon tree home. It's funny how something so small can bring so much joy. After church on Sunday we took a few photos that included my new tree...oh and a sequin skirt that I decided to wear..it was a hard decision but I went with it being that it was New Year's Day. I usually would not sport heavy sequinage to church. We also made it to the Boyce Thompson Arboretum, had a family New Year's Eve party, and a craft extravaganza out of pipe cleaners. Those pipe cleaners kept the girls busy for hours. They also felt it would be a great idea to peddle their new creations to friends and neighbors. One of my girls even thought it a good idea to price one of her pieces at $78 even though the sale sign said .05 or $2. I'm so glad she thinks her crafts are awesome...she'll be set if she still thinks the same way at 22.


So there you have it. Life is good. Here's to a very happy happy New Year to all. I double dip flip heart all of you for your kindness last year.



christy said...

Ironically I just bought my 2nd meyer lemon tree yesterday. I have been enjoying my meyer lemons from the tree I planted last year & had to have another. :)

Happy new year, hope it's a great one!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Casa Olivi is gorgeous but your family way more Christina!! Happy New Year darling!!! xoxo

My Interior Life said...

I need some greenery in my house too. I'm really tempted to go buy a fiddle leaf fig for the new year now that my big Christmas tree is gone. And that simple retreat looks so nice to me! I struggle with simplifying too. I think I don't need more stuff I just need to use what I have, but then I need new bedding and pillows, and oh yeah, stuff to go on the walls and curtains. Then I get trapped. Uggh. Happy New Year to you - you look fab in that skirt, of course!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures of your family- looks like the holidays were good to you guys! Your lemon tree is making me dream of spots in my home where we grow one. I feel like it would be an instant mood booster!


autumn said...

yes, yes, and yes.
i too dream of vacationing somewhere warm yet modern. i tend to gravitate towards hotels/inns that are just a little but more modern than my own home. i imagine that when all the kids are gone, my house will look just like those hotel rooms.
and i love your "goals". bringing home a lemon tree sounds just divine. and love the idea of more glass and less plastic.
oh, and i think the heavy sequinage was perfection...and totally appropriate!
happy new year.

sophie said...

Thanks Christina for your lovely new year message sharing some pics from casa olivi. Our house is just the accomplishment of a dream, and it is an everyday pleasure to see how people enjoy the result of our 5 years renovation. More than dollars, it is the symbol of our love for Italy, our love for our four kids, our love for old stones and history...and I think we share the same values in that sense. Congratulation for your beautiful family, I wish you the best for 2012 and I would love to have a Christmas tree like yours in casa olivi next winter! Just love it!
Un beso grande

Laura said...

I bought a meyer tree in June and at the end of November I got blooms (they smelled like plumeria) and little green lemons that never turned yellow. Either, I got a lime tree instead, or it's still a baby tree not ready to make the yellow plunge.

Love your photos!

Samantha said...

OOOO. Love this place.

Pipe cleaners. What a simple thing but one that lends to creativity.

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

I heart your meyer lemon tree and your kids and your skirt and you. Oh and your tree too.

where's the slipcover? ;)

iiita said...

wow ! how amazing blog :)!

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