Friday, January 27, 2012

classic tortoise shell {Happy weekend}


When I was in Utah last weekend I met up with a friend of mine who was on the hunt for a watch. As we made our way to the watch counter I gave her my opinion as to why tortoise shell is one of the most classic, timeless and neutral pieces one could own. I really had to drive home the fact that it goes with everything. So today I stand by that and in fact have a whole pinboard devoted to the very classic tortoise shell.

As far as the week goes, it has been a flyer. The transition from being out of town and then back home has not been as smooth as I would like...which then translates to the fact that I can not get on top of the laundry (amongst other items) but I did find the time to ride a camel (also not so smooth) which must mean I am feeling good.....historically I have never shelled out the money to let all of the kids ride so Woohooo.

Happy Friday!!

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alison giese Interiors said...

Oh. My. You've made my weekend with this post (and your board full of more!)
I almost bought that Nixon watch while we were in the States, not sure why I didn't, just chickened out, I guess.
I'm more than determined to get some tortoise in my home life!

Sara C. said...

Uao!! I love the earrings!
Sara C.

Lindsey said...

couldn't agree more. tortoise shell is always going to look beautiful.

angela hardison said...

i love tortoise shell, always.

and that photo of you two riding the camel... the best!

MFAMB said...

how does your hair look so good on a camel?

Unknown said...

How does one manage to look so gorgeous on top of a camel? Wow...and love the tortoise shell- so rich and luxe!

Unknown said...

That is such a great photo, I want your whole outfit!

Anonymous said...

we just added tortoise shell watches to our shop! love them! great post!

Lucky Lucas said...

Only you could pull off that amazing silky top at the zoo!!!! Love it. Do you have a zoo pass? We should double some time. Picture it two moms 7 kids sounds good to me ;) maybe we could drag Debbie along and make it even more exciting! Xoxo.

Lexi said...

I've always been a fan of tortoise shell, but I REALLY love it in design - so different!
♡ Lexi
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Samantha said...

What does it mean when one completely does not notice the camel but immediately fixates on the very cool colorful flats worn by the rider?