Wednesday, January 4, 2012

{Having a Mondrian Moment}


Sometimes I get on these little design kicks. Lately I keep having geometric shapes and primary color tones flashing through my head which then easily translates to the designs of Piet Mondrian.

What is flashing through your brain...hopefully something funny...and something you would like to share.

Image 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.10


angela | the painted house said...

Oh, my, that cake is so perfect.

Believe me, it's TMI to tell you what is flashing through my brain, ha! :)

Unknown said...

Well, thanks to you that cake is now flashing thru!:)
Happpy New Year!

Michaela said...

Mondrain is amazing! I've seen lots of his work at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. And I've eaten that cake there, too (: YUM!

Laura said...

Love that cake and the yellow painting. Fun post!

Annie said...

Image #3! I was just looking at those design pics because the house belongs to a Brazilian designer. He's got some cool pics of the Jesus statue in Rio up agains the wall on the other photos. Very punchy colors, busy....but I kinda like it too. Loves Sis!

LindsB said...

Loving all the primary colors- that second room is a beauty!

kdub said...

A mondrian was just stolen from the Greek art museum!

kdub said...

A mondrian was just stolen from the Greek art museum!

Sofás de Piel - said...

The harmony of colors, feelings, natural colors, natural, I have my house decorated with your ideas I think are wonderful and charming with you needed help I got it.

Samantha said...

Mondrian - the original colorblock

Jeane M. said...

What a fabulous post. The cake looks really appealing and those geometric shapes and tones. Can say Mondrain is really charming.
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