Wednesday, December 28, 2011

the match game


When I saw the above space with the yellow faceted mirror I really wanted to find a faceted mirror of my own. The room was recently features in Veranda Magazine and was designed by Kirsten Kelli. After I pinned it I immediately came across the picture with the girl in the yellow shirt and thought...hmmm that's a great match. I had so much fun with it that I made a game and found as many as I could within a few minutes from my desktop that I felt were a good match. I know if somebody made a real life tangible match card game out of fashion and interiors I'd be first in line to purchase it;-)

Also I am very attracted to similar silhouettes in fashion apparently....sleeves and higher necklines.

{Images} 1- Veranda Magazine scanned by me, 2 - Extra Petite, 3 - here, 4 - zara , 5 - Eddie Ross, 6 - Pinterest, 7 - here , 8 - ASOS, 9- here, 10- here, 11- here, 12-here, 13 - here


My Interior Life said...

You are SO good at this. Perfect matches. And I love the photos from around your home on Christmas. Looks like you had a great one!

Anonymous said...

I love this! such a great post! I am particulary drawn to the emarld green dress and chairs.

Samantha said...

I guess that's why they say to look in your closet for inspiration for home decor.

Swiss-American Life said...

Where is the green dress from? Love it!!!

kelleyp said...

check out new mirror at west elm. i think it only comes in white but has the same vibe as the yellow one.
love all those pics-interiors and fashion

jessica said...

LOVE that yellow mirror!!
The green dress is FABULOUS too!!!

Kendall said...

It's not easy to do these match-ups but yours are fantastic! Love the yellow mirror so much.

Bohemian Grandma said...

I've seen a lot of bloggers do this. Yours is by far the best.

Full House said...

Farm Kids I could not find a place to actually purchase the dress from but the link to the source is up.