Thursday, December 8, 2011

yellow, 2012 pantone color and a guest post

{above images via my Pinterest board right here. The above Chin up Butter Cup print can be found here}

I was looking at some of the images that I have recently saved to my desktop or to Pinterest and there seems to be a theme going on...yellow. I was really surprised because this was not my intention as yellow is never the first on my list. I do have to say that after seeing all of the images together that it is kind of growing or "glowing" on me. Yellow is completely unpretentious and keeps things fun.

Did you happen to see what the 2012 pantone color wasn't yellow.


Also I recently had the opportunity to share a couple of chic tips over on Trissta's blog, Living on the Chic. You just may want to go check it out...something about brass. Plus Trissta is a true Aggie (can I share that?) and has a great eye. Hop over here to check it out. Now hurry and go hit your thrift stores to scoop up all of your Momma's and your Grandma's brass treasures.



Olivia said...

loving the yellow mustard color!

kelleyp said...

obsessed. with. brass!

Laura said...

Yellow makes me happy. And so does orange. I almost painted my front door tangerine but got out voted.

Anonymous said...

That Pantone color is smacking me in the face, not in a good way. I know I like it more in context, though.

And that brass shelving unit would be PERFECT in my entryway! Can I have it?

My Interior Life said...

Love all your pics. Off to check out your post. I do like the Pantone color of the year as well!

Michelle said...

Of course the color is red this year! Makes perfect sense, red lipstick all over the place. Love your yellow pics btw, great!

Professor Fancy Pants said...

Of course I have a Pinterest account...but I still find myself gravitating to your blog for the best ideas. You are a talented curator!! Brava!!

Unknown said...

So much gorgeous in this post- love all that yellow...the room with the linear fashion prints is so gorgeous. And I sooo agree about the brass- my house looks like a brass explosion lately. Those dusty pink chairs are incredible.

angela hardison said...

i have a weakness for yellow. AND orangey-red, so i'm happy about the new color of the year!

Adrienne said...

Where is the drawing of the yellow skirt from? I didn't see it in your pintrest board.