Wednesday, December 14, 2011

designer crush {Nam Dang-Mitchell}

{all photos from House & Home}
I don't have anything to say except that I am not over having a little glamour sprinkled into ones home. Such a soft and inviting space without sacrificing style. I love how Nan keeps us guessing with the usage of very safe mainstream elements mixed with pieces that are edgier and fashion forward. To see more of Calgary based designer Nam Dang-Mitchell then hop over here.

This months issue of Canadian House & Home is a keeper.

Do you like?


My Interior Life said...

Right up my alley. Especially when I spied the Serge Mouille fixture in the last photo. Why am I so obsessed?!

Unknown said...

Is it wrong that I like her shoes as much as her rooms? Both gorgeous. I always love Canadian House & Home tidbits that pop up on blogs so thank you for sharing. Do you subscribe? I might have to put that on my Christmas wishlist! :)

autumn said...

oooo. i am totally in love with this designers work. it is exactly what i love....textural, neutral with pops of sublet color, and just the right mix of graphic appeal. yum, yum, YUM. you always find the best stuff.

Samantha said...


Dig her shoes, too.

Alcira Molina-Ali said...


Holiday Cheers, Alcira

LindsB said...

So many layers, textures and patterns- I love her!

Unknown said...

LOVED this issue and adore her style!!!

Ann said...

Love her daughter's room, I could move right into it.

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