Friday, September 23, 2011

This week {internal thermostat}


I'm a Mom over here.

Sometimes my thermostat is broken and I get all hot and huffy puffy. I am learning to set my internal thermostat as well as helping in setting the thermastat of all of our familys energy so that it can be all nice, cool and enjoyable (I learned about setting the daily thermostat at a mid-week church meeting that included other woman trying to manage conflict in their life..I sort of got all dazed and confused while listening..that happens alot in case you are wondering). I am realizing that sometimes settling conflict can be as easy as learning a new language..the language of little boys. All I had to do was jingle the keys to the big toy that is rotting outside and the little boy who rolled all over the floor for 30 minutes in his skivvies all of a sudden jumped up and put his shirt and shoes on in less than 2 minutes flat...To think I almost went outside and got a switch.

Now off to kiss those cute little faces that I get to hang out with more than anyone else.

P.S. - I kind of felt old climbing in and out of that big piece of manly metal.


kelleyp said...

are you kidding me. i love that big old jeep. think my kids would love it even more.

hey what happened to the big font? you went back to tiny font :)

have a nice weekend

Dayka Robinson said...

i'm dying over the fact that you said a "switch". i thought that was just something that old black grandmothers went for when we couldn't follow the verbal commands--didn't know other people knew about it too! glad you didn't go for it, though--i think the truck was probably a little bit easier on everyone's behind. :)

Full House said...

Dayka then I must really like old black grandmothers...

that's funny

Unknown said...

Those are mighty cute little faces! And yours is beautiful! You remind me of Tami taylor with your hair all gorgeous and your sunglasses on. It's a good thing, trust me :)

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

What a great post -- so humbling a reminder to all we moms of wee boys who lose our tempers way too often.
And what a beautiful way of putting it -- switching our language because yes, there really is a special language for little boys -- they live in such an exciting and fanciful world. We have no idea.
Kudos to you for not fetching the switch....or opening up a can a' whuppass.
Well done mom.
Cheers, Alcira

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

I don't have kids yet, but I love the concept of re-setting our internal thermostat. Sometimes it just takes a moment of clarity, or stepping away. Seems like a healthy way to deal with life.

PS- the wheels are pretty kick ass.

Laura said...

Um, I think I have a new mantra now.

angela | the painted house said...

I'm sure no one bothered you on the road in that big rig!

You have a boy that rolls around in skivvies, too? :)

Hope you are feeling cool and collected today.

nest of posies said...

only you could look so graceful climbing into a jeep. ;)

my internal thermostat was on high today. not good. then my littlest guy laid a big italian style kiss on me. you know, one kiss on each cheek & then one on the lips. my thermostat went immediately to the a/c mode. (all is cool)