Thursday, September 15, 2011

mixing up the breakfast routine {buckwheat bakes}

{above photo courtesy of Edible Perspective}

Hands down I am a breakfast/morning person. Lately I have gone to the Edible Perspective to be inspired on mixing up our breakfast routine. The latest recipes we have tried are the buckwheat bakes. I had to search high and low for the buckwheat groats because they were out at the first Whole Foods that I went to but finally found them at another one. Buckwheat gives me the warm and fuzzys because it reminds me of the good old days while feeding triplet babies cream of buckwheat. Did you know that buckwheat is super easy on the digestive system..hence feeding it to babies? I know kind of confusing because it has wheat in it's name and wheat is not known to be easy on the digestive system.

Anyway just look at all of the different whole food ideas that the Edible Perspective has to offer..and the below are just their breakfast ideas.

Go here to go and check out all of the below recipes.

Rolled Oats:

Scottish Oats:

Steel Cut Oats:

Overnight Oats:



Oatmeal + Buckwheat Cookies: [microwave]

Breakfast Bakes: [oven baked]

Banana Scramble:



French Toast

Quinoa Flakes:


Keely said...

Hi there!

I am SO excited to check out some of these recipes, and maybe it's me, but none of them are opening up? A blank page appears, no recipe :-( I'll try again later, maybe there's a glitch or something!


Courtney Vance said...

I am going to check these out. I'm sure the little man will love them and hopefully that will give me the courage to eat it too.

Laura said...

You're making me hungry! I'll be checking those recipes out for sure - they sound delicious.

WBrant said...

Oh thank you for sharing this site - I'm newly gluten-free and these look like wonderful recipes!! Always looking for something healthy and yummy.

Unknown said...

Looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!