Friday, September 2, 2011

Life Lately









- I gave away my kitchen table to one of my favorite people but didn't have the replacement quite ready so I bought a filler from Craigslist for $30. Yes it is a brass octagonal table and my husband is so bothered by it..I kind of like it.

- Trying to pick paint colors for my bedroom next to my sucka thumb boy.

- We have hit a new frontier with the boys going to preschool. I have really enjoyed my few hours while they have been away. At first it was weird because all I have known is having many small children at home at all times. Don't worry I quickly learned how to transition though.

- We painted a crazy black cactus with watercolors so that we could hang it in the boys' room. I like to call their room a fusion between Arizona and a gentleman.

- The girls are at school all day now but I have been able to go and have lunch with them a few times. Just trying to win the coolest Mom award..until I really lost that award after I brought the triplets and the volunteer lunch lady had to come and clean up their spills twice.

- It is too hot to play outside but somehow my kids do not seem too concerned about dehydration and red faces. They even get all dressed up so that they can go outside and become one with sweat. At least they look cute.

- And as always I learned it is pretty good to have kids so that they can teach us how to really live. Everything is a celebration in their eyes. I made the most plain and boring muffins but the girls insisted on putting the party cupcake gear (fairy dancer sticks) into them to make them prettier. At first I objected but then conceded...they were right. I think it even made the muffins taste better.

- Oh and one of my kids is kind of bothering me...the little stinker (good thing he is do darn cute;-). I am sure I will get over it soon but I had to report him lost in the store the other day and then today he hung onto the germ ridden railings on the outside of the escalator and did not let go as he hung on for dear life with two hands...his legs were left dangling...all while he kept raising up higher and higher..he didn't dare let go for fear of falling. It was quite a sight and caused quite a stir as he hung there while screaming. I almost started laughing at the sight but probably would have looked like the worlds worst mother. Finally a couple of older folk who were riding on the escalator reached over the side and pulled him to safety. Wait now that I think about it this same boy at this same store set off the fire alarm because he didn't listen to me as I told him to turn around and not go out that door...if I recall they had a hard time turning off the alarm and it was loud as it should be in times of fire.

Here is to an unbothered weekend...everyone of us.


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Love the table! and those muffins!
sorry to hear about the little one bothering you, I can imagine the feeling though :)

bazaarofserendipity said...

Oh my gosh! LOVE that story I have been dying laughing!!!

and LOVE the table! Hubby not a fan huh?!

Unknown said...

That table is amazing!!! :) we have all missed you, so glad you're posting again.

Debbie said...

C stair antics reminds me of one of your sisters who got shut in the elevator without the rest of us and screamed all the way up. Funny how life has a way of recycling.

Tshepo said...

This is an awesome blog post; I realize that I have really missed them this summer. Anyway, yes, it was indeed, hilarious.
I really like the table and the changing character of the little one. One day it will all be part of a collection of funny memories. Enjoy it.

Laura said...

Love all the photos, especially the cactus painting and the Arizona pillow, and your post made me laugh! Guess who's coming to Arizona in 9 days? ME! I'm super excited and am hoping the heat won't kill me.

Anonymous said...

I love this pics of your home and kids. Your children are so adorable!! And I love that table; you got it for a steal! Where is the sidetable from the boy's room from? It's perfect.

BTW, so happy to have you back blogging. I missed you but happy you had a great summer with your kids!

Andrew and Marie Benson said...

Hope you don't mind a comment from a stranger. Stumbled on your blog a while ago and find it so inspiring in many ways.

Love the escalator story-- don't know how you do it. I'm about to have three kids under three years old and have resigned myself to never getting out of the house again and completely losing any style mojo for a few years.

I have to ask where you got the marble print pillow in the thumb sucking photo. Have been looking for some marbled bedding after a disastrous Pottery Barn purchase (the "chinoisserie" print turned suspiciously "90's tiki hut" once it came out of the package). And I second another poster's inquiry about the side table in the boys' room. Love it and love your style. Thank you for sharing it with the world and other moms who need style boosts.

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

Oh man your life is an adventure! Hoping you get to enjoy your free hours more and more.

PS- the table is aweseome, but is glass a pain in the ass with 10 little hands?

Samantha said...

Your table is amazing even it if weren't only $30.

Maybe the little guy needs a warning stamped on his t-shirt.

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

Sounds like you have been having fun. Adorable children who must be picking up your creativeness - great idea for the muffins. I like how unique your boy's room is. I also like your table. Maybe husbands have something against that shape of table. My husband finally convinced me to get rid of my table that shape - it was wooden and painted white - anyhow I put it at the curb and it was quickly snatched up. The next day I saw it in my neighbors garage. I wanted to go snatch it back. Sadly, he has not gotten rid of what he was supposed to. Now I am reminded. Hope you have a great week!

angela | the painted house said...

Well done, Miss Cactus Painter! Boys' room will be darling, I know.

Sounds like many adventures in your neck o the woods!

Bri@Meyouandawiener said...


Boys room is looking cute!

autumn said...

i love these little snippets of your life. your fiasco(s) with your little man are completely hilarious from an outside view...but i know how frustrating all those little mischievious things can be.
and i knoda like your new table too...but i bet keeping it clean would be a challenge with 10 little hands....

Full House said...

Yes Autumn..keeping the table clean is a pain in the GLass:-)

Full House said...

Hi Marie I LOVE LOVE comments from strangers..especially that kind you left.

As for that fabric it can be purchased here:

Hope that helps.

xx - Christina

Terri said...

Can I have buy your table when your done using it as a filler? I love in Gilbert. :)

Terri said...

Yikes-lots of typos in my last message. Sometimes the fingers are faster than the brain.

Full House said...

Terri, I hope you love living in Gilbert:-)..Don't worry I am the queen of typos and yes I would love to offer you the table when I am done with it.

email me if you get a chance.

christinabrian1 @ yahoo dot com

The Wizzle said...

I think the new table is a great shape for a large family! I would love a round (or round-ish) table but it in no way fits our dining area.

Your husband will get over it. They always do. :)

Danika Herrick said...

I freaking LOVE that table! And only $30, unreal! And where might I ask did you find that amazing white one in the boys room?
Serious table envy!

Danika Herrick said...

I freaking LOVE that table! And only $30, unreal! And where might I ask did you find that amazing white one in the boys room?
Serious table envy!