Wednesday, September 7, 2011

custom hardware


Well Hello there!

I have had the thought brewing in my head that I wanted to make some custom hardware out of twine, thread or leather. I knew that I needed a particular pull to make it work so during my last trip to IKEA I cruised upstairs to the hardware section and lo and behold there were the perfect cabinet hardware pieces to make all of my crafting dreams come true. Loved the fact that they were approx. $3.50 a piece and that they are pretty substantial at almost 8" long. Anyway being inspired by Central and South American textiles and handmade goods I opted to use cross stitch or "friendship bracelet" making thread. My husband & I have been all around central America and love it there. In fact to this very day my husband's favorite belt (pictured above) was purchased in the Guatemalan Highlands at Lake many great memories. The textiles and the colors were SO beautiful there.

Here is how I pulled this easy craft off:

1 - Purchase all of the supplies starting with the IKEA Fintrop hardware, a cheap paintbrush, scissors, glue (I fully suggest Quick Grip), wrapping material (thread, twine, leather etc.).

2 - If using thread, start wrapping by bring the thread at a diagonal and then wrap over that piece of thread laying at the diagonal to secure the one side down.

3 - Push thread tightly together and snip. Try to snip on the backside of the bar where it is not visible to the eye after the hardware has been installed.

4 & 5 - Using a very strong craft glue, put a dap on the tip of the paintbrush and lightly press into the end of the thread that needs to be secured. Trim the thread. Repeat all of the above steps if using more than one color.

6 - Enjoy your newly handcrafted piece of work and then if you are like me call your Dad over to install.

Also I have noticed many furniture pieces using hardware with natural fibers so I thought I would give it a shot with some rope that I had laying around. SO easy but also such a great way to give your furniture or cabinets a custom look. To me the key was using the right kind of hard core glue. May I suggest to never use E6000 (yucky stinky stuff) and go with Quick Grip because it dries fast, doesn't stink and sticks to anything. Seriously now the sky is the limit. I once even saw neon twine that Angela picked up at Home Depot.

And there you have it. Speaking of custom hardware I finally had my custom amethyst knobs put on the piece of furniture they were intended for. I like them just fine but what I am really excited about is the lacquer job on that particular piece of furniture. For all of you locals I can't wait to share the source with you.



LindsB said...

love these, cant wait to see what they are being used on. And speaking of custom hardware I have been DYING to see what you did with those amethyst knobs- I'm obsessed with them!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

You are amazing Christina, please tell me you have arranged for a full tour soon? please? Im annoying I know...!

Megan said...

This is so fun!!! I love it.

Meggy from Chasing Davies

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

I think the twine covered handles are so amazing!!! Great idea.

My Interior Life said...

Clever girl! Such a great idea. Now to find the perfect place to use it!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

so creative lady! love it

Ashley said...

On a random note, I have been searching for a belt just like that!!! Other than a thrift store, do you know where I could find something similar?

Dayka Robinson said...

STOP IT RIGHT NOW! and shut up with that rope pull--i love it!! i think i also love that your kids are in school now b/c you are coming up with some amazing ideas over there!

knock it out, mama, A+ for the week! VERY excited about the amethyst knobs AND that lacquer job, too... do tell. :)

Debbie said...

wow those twine pulls look awesome. who would have thought. you're a genius!!

Samantha said...

What an awesome idea. Show us more!

Sadie + Stella said...

This is amazing! LOVING IT!

casey at loft and cottage said...

Um, I LOVE the twine-wrapped handles. Dying to try this!!

Mega Sale said...

Whoa. I love this! And can't wait to do it myself. Gorgeous.