Tuesday, March 29, 2011

natural curiosities found in lamps


I love a good piece of rock. The hard part is it is very hard to find a reasonably priced piece that actually looks substantial and not too cheap. Anyway for a long time I had considered making my own crystal lamp and had scoured mineral and rock shops until I decided I didn't want to go that route. I even bought a small agate lamp from Home Goods to try and satisfy my natural curiosities but alas it still looked the price I paid. Anyway when google-ing "agate lamps" I came across a reasonable priced piece that actually looks like it might do the trick. What do you think?(refer below)
Above DIY tutorial found here if you happen to be interested in tackling such a project.
Above is my wussy agate lamp that makes the below lamp actually look really good for $249.

Above lamp found here.

{All other lamps and finials found via Matthew Studios , 1stDibs and Horchow. }


Anonymous said...

I LOVE agate rock lamps. I recently purchased a rock finial hoping it would satisfy my need for one but it actually was all wrong for the lamp. The search continues...

S said...

These are absolutely beautiful! What a great way to add a natural element.

Ashley said...

Spectacular! Thank you for scouring the interwebs for bargain hunters like us not willing to shell out thousands for these beautiful lamps!!

Dayka Robinson said...

beautiful lamp and definitely worth the price. i actually like yours, i think it's just not as stunning because the rock is smaller than the other. don't they have those all the time @ home goods? maybe you can replace it??

kelleyp said...

killer piece. great statement

alison giese Interiors said...

I keep thinking that since I'm down here at the source of most of the agates/geodes, that I can "whip one up."
Yeah, right - I know. ;)

Bringing Lady Back said...

I think yours turned out lovely!

mandyface said...

These are beautiful!! I'm blaming you when I announce to muh hubz this will be our next purchase ;)

Unknown said...

I'm dying over the purple lamp in the second picture!

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

I adore these to no end -- want a massive, chunky pair as bedside lamps.
Ikea has some very simple lamp bases that I've often been tempted to try glueing the agate coasters too.
Haven't attempted it yet though,
Gorgeous, Alcira


Sam said...

These are gorgeous!! You have the best finds :-)