Thursday, March 10, 2011

inspiration board & question of the day


Lately I have really been considering using a fabulous retro floral in my guest room. I originally had a different direction I was going to go with the room but keep coming back to using a floral fabric or wallpaper.

I have really enjoyed the work of Chicago Interior Designer Summer Thornton. Her office certainly played a roll in considering floral wallpaper. To see more of Summer's amazing work go here and I also previously blogged about one of her amazing spaces here.

Are you a fan of the below abstract floral fabric...if so then..
that would lead me to the question of the day. Anybody out there interested in splitting 12 yards of the above vintage fabric? If so, shoot me an email @christinabrian1 @ yahoo dot com and I will give you the details.

P.S. - I am loving that emerald green agate plate.

images 1- seen on merci blah blah via atlantic-pacific, 3- the selby, 4 - green agate plate via vivre, 5 - seesaw, 6- pretty stuff , 8- domino


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

go for it! i especially love the ones that look all vintagey!
Paris! OMG! I have to email you, Im so lame!

angela | the painted house said...

Reading my mind, girl! I love that floral and wish that it could be the answer to all my fabric woes right now. I've been on a vintage floral watercolory hunt lately. I found three yards at Hancock's of all places--an actual vintage piece on a kind of barkcloth in their clearance pile. I went ahead and bought it, hoping it would work. Maybe, maybe not. And then I bought a Waverly that was kinda vintagey looking, kinda ugly but I liked it that way, it came yesterday and I had it draped over our parson chairs in the kitchen and hubby asked, "what is that hideous fabric on our chair?" So, thankfully, there is a generous return policy. Ugh. Long story short, I love that vintage floral you found.

I just read Helena's comment...are you going to Paris? Does Helena know something I don't???? :)

Jenny at LGN said...

Christina, seriously. We are twinners. That DG fabric is on my sofa bolsters right this second. Have you seen it in person? It is outrageous.

Let me know if you want any. The showroom here is fast with shipping.


Anonymous said...

I really, really love that fabric. I wish I had a guest room that I could use it in. Unfortunately, the only place still needing fabric in my home is our bedroom and my husband is getting sick of the girliness factor. That would look awesome in your guest room. Can't wait to see...

Laura said...

LOVE that fabric - I bet your offer got swiped up immediately! I'd be able to get away with a yard or two, but not 6. If a yard or so is up for grabs still, let me know :-)

jonalynn said...

This post just stole my heart because you know how I'm feeling about modern florals.

I would totally go halfs on the fabric with you if I used red in our decor, but sadly I don't. :(

Kymberly Foster Seabolt said...

I am a huge fan. Huge.

Love it.

Have an entire little jewel box of a room done in floral fabric so I may, in fact, be biased.

Unknown said...

So many things to catch up on over here- first off, this post...LOVE that orangie wallpaper-it's one of my favourites and I so so want to use it somewhere in my house. That fabric is gorgeous.

Naomi@DesignManifest said...

If you haven't already, go for it!

Summer Thornton's room is so pretty its genius! Love that she mixed that floral paper with burl wood. Who thinks of that?