Friday, August 6, 2010

{perfect baby shower}


I love the inspiration that comes from this beautiful baby shower. Love the colors, pom poms, the canopy that was created over the table and all of the elephants.

For more pictures hop on over to Style Me Pretty.


jeanette from everton terrace said...

It's perfect. I can't imagine how much work it was to make that canopy - worth it though, totally.

~Grace Happens~ said...

this gives me such baby fever! baby girl fever that is:) so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is soooo pretty! [;

Unknown said...

this is fantastic! bravo!

Bryant Park Designs said...

wow wow wow! almost makes me want to have another baby girl! (except I already have 3!)

LOVE it!

Leigh said...

Wow. Gorgeous.

nest of posies said...

so incredible. i mean really. so much work & perfection in one place.

Yycien Adams said...

This shower is amazing! So pretty and pink! Beautifully decorated. I'm co-hosting a baby shower for a friend in September and aside from looking for baby gifts, I'm also looking for some fun, fresh ideas for her baby shower, may I borrow a few from this?? This is really such an inspiration!

paula said...

love, love and more love!

mackyton said...

Pleased to know about this baby shower event. Couple of weeks ago, I arranged my cousin’s daughter’s baby shower party at an exemplary event space Chicago. Decorated venue with different ornaments and every guest praised for décor. Had pretty good time.

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