Monday, March 1, 2010

weekend scene

Wow what a weekend. What is it about a white flag? Doesn't that mean when you wave one that you are surrendering? If that is the case then there are days I feel like waving a white flag. Usually it's not over something big but a bunch of little things that have piled up.

A few things:

*The Olympics were inspiring.
*It's time to take a moment to post on the family blog. I feel like I have so much to say about this Motherhood thing.
*There's a new gourmet pie place that just opened up, down the road. It is operated by 2 local women who clearly have a passion for making pies. I hope it is good because I love finding a new small business to support.
*Needed to use up my sour cream so I made the above pancakes. Didn't know I needed honey butter with cinnamon and toasted pecans as a topping until I came across this recipe.
*Sometimes I fly by the seat of my pants.
*I'm good @ finding distractions & project (refer below @ the latest vintage faux bamboo tables that I bought this weekend)
*I also am really good @ starting projects but not finishing them.(Blame it on the part ADD in me)

Speaking of projects...

This weekend, I just purchased the exact same vintage faux bamboo tables as pictured above. Husband said I needed more faux bamboo tables like a hole in the head. I say a few holes in the head never hurt..especially if I could re-create them to look like the below side tables from 1stDibs.


Whitney said...

I love them. But you have a serious problem my dear. Would you like to store them here? :)

Lindsay Jones said...

tell me more about this pie place...

Nikki said...

Awesome. You can never have enough!

Rebecca said...

are you speaking of the pie place on brown and power?...we're trying it this week...fingers crossed it's as good as it looks from the outside!

cheers to a wonderful new week.

sclark said...

Where did you get that play mountain your kids are playing in...i think my grandson would have a riot with that. please email me at if you don't mind letting me know. Thanks

Laura said...

Love those tables! And ummmm, the pancakes look delish! I'll be trying them. Definitely!

Unknown said...

i hope this is one project you decide to finish because this will be a killer diy if you pull it off :)

Shannon said...

I need another dresser or table like I need a hole in the head. DARN you CRAIGSLIST!

When the kids go down, Momma goes Craigslisting.

Love those nesting tables.
We need a truck.

-Shannon in Austin