Friday, March 12, 2010

{long drives and a messy house}

I am here to report that the Desert is ALIVE!

I am also here to report that my children are ALIVE....very much alive.
They seemed to be even a little more alive than normal today if you know what I mean. All I could think about were wild javelina, which made me think of the desert. I thought to myself as I cruised full speed ahead going eastbound on the 60, "I am going to release my pack of wild javelina far into the desert to rejoin their rightful herd". After all they couldn't possibly be mine after observing all of the mass damage that they had already inflicted in one morning upon their regular stomping grounds.

It's no secret I go on many a long drives. Sometimes the further the better. One week it was the old mining towns of Globe/Miami only to find a park, a drive-thru and a few antique stores that I wasn't allowed to go into. We've actually started a tradition and it's called "field trip Friday". For some strange reason my kids are so content in the car. They love the music cranked up and will often say, "again" when there is a song that pleases them. I finally had to make a same song only 3 times in a row rule (a few songs are exempt..meaning not more than once). The way I see it is less time spent in the house equals less time to mess it up. Believe me it is a mess more than not and I sort of do not care...except on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays...hahaha! The messes will always be there but the 5 non full-time school going kids will not, and good golly jolly I want happy memories in this short lived season of ours. Sometimes those good memories come to a halt because of me and because motherhood is just plain ol' hard. I think I may have even cried yesterday. It is all I can do but to survive at times. I've heard a few comments here and there on my ability of making being a Mom of midget twins and triplets look so easy. I am here to say that I just don't know any different and anybody would do it and quite frankly some days I really just plain suck. Then there are days that I really think that I do deserve all of the love that my little buddies give to me and my heart literally sings....I swear you can almost hear a sweet melody coming from the left center part of my chest.

Anyway onto the lovely day. Our car ended up just shy of Superior at the Arboretum. It was off to a great start until the below. I'm sure we had great propensity to tick a few people off. What was I going to say, "Sorry sir but my kids don't know what closed for historical preservation means and I can't handle them". I kind of wanted to laugh but was a little tense but not tense enough to not take a picture, apparently.

I was seriously hoping for no rattlesnakes & scorpions today. Would kind of be a "debbie downer" to get bit if I do say so myself.

All in all there were only a few blunders but we pretty much came out of the above joint unscathed. Only one major tantrum thrown as observed by the orange shirt dude in the above picture. Oh and one did come close to running off a small cliff into the stream while madly trying to chase a butterfly....such is life.

It was a beautiful day!

P.S. - Thanks to my most precious cousin friend for coming to join in the fun. Sorry we never found you until it was time to leave. Call me and let me know if you thought it was as beautiful as I said. I hope it was worth the drive.

P.S.S. - Here's to a messy house and long drives. The same cousin friend gave me a notepad that says, "Both of us can't look good @ the same time....It's either me or the HOUSE. I chuckled.


grant + brittany said...

i don't really know how to quite express how grateful i am to all the mommy bloggers who are so honest and talk about the reality of being a mom, how fun it is but how hard it can be also. it helps me so much because in just a simple post like this, i can think to myself "brittany, remember REMEMBER to not be so hard on yourself... if you have a messy house because life gets too hectic with your kids and whatever else... its OKAY. you are not only NORMAL but probably doing fabulous". i mean how could i not continue to keep reading your blog when you are so incredibly talented, creative, clearly a beautiful person inside and out and doing your best at being a mom. i feel happy and inspired when i leave your blog.

some people leave the most perfectly put comments and i'm not even sure this makes sense. i feel like i just mumble and jumble words.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

definitely one of the most beautiful and inspiring families ever, just incredible, you inspire us all, thanks!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

definitely one of the most beautiful and inspiring families ever, just incredible, you inspire us all, thanks!

Grace @ Sense and Simplicity said...

That is a beautiful post - you expressed the joys and frustrations of motherhood so well.

Thanks for posting the photos of the dessert in bloom. I've never seen one before and it is gorgeous.

KatieJ said...
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KatieJ said...

KatieJ said...
You are beautiful- and I'm so glad to hear your house gets messy too! I would love to hear more about your field trip destinations, and the sooner the better- my 5 came one at a time thankfully but that provides it's own challenges, and we have spring break starting Monday with no where to go and I'm NOT looking forward to it- some destination suggestions would be GREAT! We will for sure go check out the Arboretum, these pictures are beautiful!
PS- my girls would just be in heaven if I wore dresses like you!

Debbie said... beautifully have a talent at not only being a mom but at writing as well. Loved seeing all of your pictures. Is there anything you can't do??? (Oh yah, I almost forgot, you can't sew...thus your bolsters are still waiting on me!! Sorry it's taken so long but one day soon I shall prevail!) What a fun day!!

nest of posies said...

you know you are my HERO!
in every way. you do make it all look so easy, but then you write these posts that are straight from the heart. beautifully written & so so true!

these pictures are so overwhelming! the blue sky, the gorgeous desert & those sweet blessings you have. i am longing for some sun shine!!! thanks for the rays of light for me visually & for me emotionally.


Whitney said...

I do love a clean house as well. I clean at night so I can go to bed knowing my house will be spotless for atleast 8 hours. I sleep peacefully knowing so. You truly are amazing to me. I was thinking in a little over 3 years all your kids will be in full time school. Well that is if you put the boys in all day kindergarten. We should start planning all the things we going to do.

Alexa Mae said...

So much fun! You are such a fun mom. I wish I was brave like you. I love you and admire you! Your dress is darling, you gorgeous gal,you!

Stacey Crewse said...

First off I want to say thank you for inviting me to a BEAUTIFUL place. We will go back! You are an amazing writer, I only dream of expressing my feelings like you well said! Love the pics too!

Laura said...

You're amazing and have an adorable family and you're doing a GREAT job raising them and showing them to enjoy life. You're inspiring!

Angie Milne said...

Um I LOVE your dress! This was a wonderful post. It inspires/scares (more inspires) me to think that I will be a mother someday. I love your day-to-day stories, ou are an incredible mother!

Unknown said...

i don't know a thing about motherhood (one day!) but i know this: forget easy, you make it look GOOD. you are the most fit and well-dressed mother of five i've ever seen. there will always be bad days but you make quite the stylish clan and i love reading about all your adventures!

Dayka Robinson said...

i'm not a mom, but i can imagine that there are many days like that.

on another note, how is it that you look amazing EVERYDAY???? even when you were posting about the sweats thing (dropping the kids off), you still looked cute in a "chic mom in sweats" look. when i have kids, i want to be you, lol!

angela | the painted house said...

Yep, a rattlesnake would definitely make for a debbie-downer day--ha!

Mommy good days are THE BEST. Mommy bad days are so not the best.

(Love that dress!)

christy said...

Beautiful pictures & I love your dress (is it vintage?). So cute.

I know that "park" you are speaking of in Globe/Miami. :) We drove through there a few weeks ago on our way home from Pinetop. It's quite sad to see allof the boarded up buidlings & shops there.

Full House said...

Christy..yes the dress is vintage..bought it off of Ebay.

Thanks and I do think you know the park we went to..funny.

Shannon said...

Brave woman. Love that you take field trips. I just thought about doing that the other day. I'm giving the kids their backpacks we got for Christmas and I'm loading them with a pen/paper, snack bars, drink and maybe a lollipop. Wait...I'll hold onto the lollipop for the end! To coax

oh and I like the pink room.

-Shannon in Austin

Day by Day Design said...

Love your style and ease! Beautiful family!