Monday, March 2, 2009

These rock my socks.

Unlike the outcome in the above picture series...I am so HAPPY!

I just got brand new shoes for the boys that do not require socks. Do you know how huge that is to only have to hunt down 6 (ok let's make it 10) little shoes without having to find socks to go with them. Plus I've never been a fan of socks anyway...they just seem to suffocate the feet.

I am so happy, REALLY!  This is going to be a great week.

I will miss these little tiny shoes when we start to swap out for larger ones as the years roll by.


Whitney said...

Ive never been a big fan of socks either. My feet like to breathe! Great find.

momof3girls said...

I am with ya sisters - I hate the trying to keep track of socks!!!

(my only trade off when it's spring is we have to paint all the little toesies on saturday night before church on sunday morning.)

But I would rather paint once a week than hunt socks every morning before school.

Debbie said...

ohhhh! Those little boys are so stinkin' cute!

Annie said...

Complete awesomeness. The boys look darling. I hear you on the sock thing. Sometimes we just skip the socks and wear shoes bare against the feet...I know, fashion disaster huh! Don't tell KoJo.

Liza said...

cool shoes