Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sisters are you out there...

Have you ever had a Truman Show moment?  Sometimes I wonder if everybody is in on it and I am the only one missing something. As I sat there on this beautiful sunny day thinking about Truman (which happens to be my favorite Jim Carrey movie) I heard the rumblings of airplane after airplane descending into the Valley.  My Truman conspiracy theory was quickly shot down as I looked up to see the 10th airplane fly over in 30 minutes and realized that would be almost categorized narcissistic to start entertaining thoughts that the planes where all put there in their place just for my life to play out. 

So back to real life.  My mental state is mostly stable but have to admit that getting out the door by myself with all five on a deadline can be a test on sanity (it's almost always worth the effort though, I mean who doesn't love to have an appointment with big green rabbits, refer above).  I find myself having to focus really hard to get out the door with all of my troops and their provisions.  I often have a trail of thought that goes like this.  "Don't forget to brush teeth, get sippies, diapers, wipes, shoes, socks, camera, phone, purse....REPEAT".  Seriously I have to say this over and over in my head until I have finally loaded everybody or I'm bound to forget something.  This trail of thought may get played over and over for 10 minutes before we are ready to go.  The other day as we were finally loaded up & driving down the road little "M" started giving me a lesson on how we live on the planet called earth.  The only part she seemed to differ from what I had been taught was the fact that my sister who lives in Oregon didn't qualify as living on our same planet.  Kind of funny she didn't mention the other sister who lives in Korea (which I myself think is almost like a different planet).  

Perhaps little "M" also got a little confused because Oregon sister (refer below) can be a creature of her own who is out of this world (a cool creature at that who I want to be like when I grow up).  Seriously I  love her.  She exemplifies the middle child syndrome to a "T".  She wouldn't want anybody to be unhappy. P.S. - Don't tell this sister that David Archuleta was in my neighborhood today...she may get jealous.  


Which leads me to the next sister in Korea who has come leaps and bounds in trying to be in the "make people happy category".  No I'm still not bitter about the time when she got my stickers taken away back in '85.  She's made up for all childhood mishaps, especially this week as I received a little package on a day when I really needed it. She takes groovy pictures and documents her life very well on her private blog. That's right I said private but that's ok because I like to share her photos every once in a while.  Oh who am I fooling I mean all of the time (Annie, if you are reading this can I have permission to post all of these pictures:-).  I  love her too and come to think about want to be just like her as well!


Package sister sent this week.

Then there is the royal gem of the family, the baby who happens to also be a sister as well.  Not a malice bone this one.  Never met a more human being without guile and who would speak no ill.  Ok I have met one of her standard before but sister is really something else.  She helped me all last summer with my kids as pure service.  Golly when I was her age all I was thinking about was the next outfit I was going to wear to the next singles outing.  I'm for sure adding her to the love list.

So there you have it, it's really not all about me and even though you (my sisters) haven't made regular appearances on my set lately, we are in this together and I know you are there.  In fact I know all of us humans here on planet earth are all in this together more than we might think...which is my final answer that leads me to have to break the original Truman Show conspiracy theory AGAIN.

If you think I am proud as punch to have such great sisters then you may be onto something.

I haven't forgotten about my sweet sister in-laws either.  We'll save them for another day but give them some honorable mentions. Feel free to sneak a peek @ these fine ladies because they sure are PERDY.



☂niki. said...

what a sweet post!

not much sweeter on this planet than sister love!

Liza said...

Thanks sis! I am laughing so hard because I was honestly thinking about the Truman show this morning in the shower...weird! Love you tons, turkey buns!

Mary said...

Thanks for the post sis! I love you sooooo much!! You're the breast...I mean BEST!! Haha, no are! I miss you a lot!

Unknown said...

You are so lucky to have sisters period! Lucky lady! :) The fact they are so great is icing on the cake! I'm so glad Carys & Maddie have each other! Brothers are the best in my book!

Annie said...

Aww, shucks! I'm full of warm fuzzies and missing my sisters even more than ever. A few things:

1.) You NEVER have to ask me to post pictures. I think it's somewhere in Sister Contract 109A, if you're sisters, you share everything including photos. Oh wait, I think my source might be Parent Trap. :)

2.) That horrible day back in 1985 was one of the worst days of my life. As I remember you tried to "trade" stickers with me and I was not okay with the trade. The fighting began and bless our dear mother's nerves, she did what we have already probably done to our own children, took the stickers away and threw them in the trash at the gas station. I was tramatized for life. Apparently it left a scar on you too. Just setting the record straight.

Oh and apparently we never learned our lesson because another very tramatic experience was getting all our toys taken away for not ever cleaning up after ourselves and having them all sent to D.I. I remember thinking that as soon as I could drive a car I was going to go down to D.I. and reclaim all of our toys.

3.) I seriously love you even more everyday. The time I was able to spend in AZ was a tender mercy from the Lord. He knew how desparately I needed to connect with my family and allowed me the unforseen opportunity. I treasure the time we were able spend together.

4.) You have inspired another blog post about sisters. Stay tuned.

Debbie said...

I can still remember how happy I was that you were getting a sister after Annie was born. It's nice to see that my hopes and dreams for all of you girls have come true...that you would all one day be the best of friends. Lots of memories, both happy and sad but they are all of yours to keep and cherish and learn from. I love all of my girls so very much. You did a wonderful job in paying tribute to them all. I know that they would all say the same thing about you!!!

Jen of MadeByGirl said...

LOVE the top photo of the gal in the glasses and the stripes in the background....her glasses are great, wonder where she got those?

Jen Ramos
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