Friday, March 20, 2009

Our #1 fans


The girls decorated the house with some of Daddy's childhood ribbons. Daddy only had one blue ribbon out of about 15. The kids could care less what color they were and that Daddy didn't always win the race...because to them he is the biggest super hero of them all (and he is).  It's kind of crazy that you don't have to do much to be 1st place in a child's book. All they need is pretty much just food, beverage, basic hygiene, patience & love..repeat.  This parent thing is just way too easy. 
Way too easy that is until I just remembered that kids have been sick & seem to want to have playtime rendezvous in the middle of the night. One thing still stands true and that is it doesn't take much for the kids to be happy for they are pretty simple creatures.  

Speaking of simplicity, how can children get so much pleasure out of making mud pies in the back yard while having an apple juice party. The best though was when the below culprit couldn't stop laughing hysterically because he was having a jolly olly time clamping down on spoon and not letting go for the 20th time. Oh the things that make kids tick.

To be child. Go have a party, it's the weekend!

I'm plum tuckered now.

P.S. - I was just kidding about this parenting thing being just way too easy.


Debbie said...

Shoot!!! I missed the party!!

Jami said...

Oh it is so true. Grace is happy eating dirt and wood. I don't know why I think it is so hard to be a partent...I think it is b/c i am always worried if my house is clean or not. I think that I will let that go, and just be happy

JECKBECK (Erin) said...

OK- I haven't been doing much blog looking lately. I had a chance to get caught up tonight and could comment on everyone of your posts, but I won't. I mostly want you to know that I love your thoughts and your pictures. You are really telling an amazing life story for the future.

Annie said...

So cute. Was Waylon surprised? Did he feel honored? What a simple yet so meaningful token of your love to your hubby. I love it. Oh and mud pies sounds like a blast. We'll be trying that one as soon as the weather warms up.

Whitney said...

It was like a real life Olympic ceremony at your house. I bet Waylon felt like he was the King of the world. Please come over today. I will be here all day cleaning and hanging things on the wall. So i will need your expertise.

Lisa Harris said...

Seriously, I am the WORST friend! I just checked my messages this morning(while waiting for a fridge to be delivered) and heard your sweet little voice. I am sorry I never responded. It is one of my worst habits..not answering the phone, checking messages and returning calls.
For the record, you NEVER need to ask to use any of my girls pics to promote your beautiful talents. Really.
When are we gonna start crafting during school??