Friday, March 6, 2009

A birthday love hangover

This picture looks like how I felt on my birthday!!
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I'm still feeling the love from my birthday. So many thoughtful people out there in my world. Day started out with a surprise package on the front door from Kimmie Sue and they just kept coming all day. A few highlights:

*Sister called from Korea
*Saw my Mom in a very special place
*Hit the birthday thrift store jackpot
*Almost backed into cousin as she surprised me with her famous individually wrap homeade cookies (who does that?)
*More phone calls, in which one of them the kin in Portland sang
*Mailbox full of cards
*Sister-in-law gave me sweet books
*Super cute apron Mom made
*Found a new but old fashioned ice cream parlor on 7th Ave
*A scheduled 10am visit from a loyal friend
*Fresh fish tacos
*Lots of flowers (even from hubby)
*A surprise visitor at the tail end of the day (who I thought was the law coming to get me for the picture they took of me driving on the road)
*Lot's of birthday kisses from half pints

Thank you again to all of those who sent their LOVE! I adore ev
eryone of you.


I had the fresh honey banana ice cream.  Hey whatever happened to ice cream parlors anyway, kind of a dying breed.  I used to get the bubble gum ice cream from Swensen's in my younger years before they turned it into a Chinese Buffet.  Oh and remeber Farrols..they even gave birthday kids special hats to wear. 

Then on the day after B-day, dear sweet Grandma Jones (that's just what the kids call her), called me over to have a birthday celebration in her secret garden.  She doesn't let her age slow her down.  She stays busy keeping up on her beautiful flower gardens.  I think everone should go to her back yard at least once.  Just a side note:  Grandma Jones has no problem giving foot rubs and makes the best soup.  Love her!

I kept losing the boys in the secret garden.  Have you wondered why they have failed to make any birthday appearances...they're not into holding still right now.  They were more interested in splashing in the cat's water dish.  Plus after baby chubba la hara broke the glass ice cream cup it all went down hill fast.  The girls and I ate our ice cream in peace after they were transferred from their high chairs to their car seats.  Daddy ate his ice cream on the curb next to the car and said he could barely hear them cry after he shut the car doors.


Mom in High Heels said...

Wow! Looks like you had a fantastic B-day!

Rebecca said... scored BIG on your birthday...good for you!! Loks like such a fun day of celebrating...can we celebrate half birthdays?

☂niki. said...

Ooh, how delightful!

So glad you had a wonderful birthday. Everything seemed simply charming.

That apron has to be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Where did you guys eat? I must know so I can go!

Stacey Crewse said...

What a fun Birthday! You deserve such a great day! Happy Birthday!!!!

Briana Ward said...

It looks like you had a spectacular birthday! I love all the goodies and I seriously need to make a knock off apron now.

We do love Hawaii, my oldest son thinks he is Hawaiian, we have to keep reminding him that he was born in Utah.

I am so glad you entered the drawing! Of corse I will ship to AZ :)

Thanks again for your glamourous blog!

Annie said...

The love just keeps coming. Grandma Jones is heaven sent. I have got to meet her next time I'm in town and request and tour of her secret garden. I love the photo of Maren in front of the teal shutter. Very cute! Oh and you in the hat...smashing! :)

McMemories said...

Aww... what a great birthday!! LOVE the apron!!

Whitney said...

Love your apron!! We are so lucky to have a mom who is excellent with a sewing machine. IM so glad you had a good birthday. Love you lots!!

P.s When are we going back to that ice cream shop and taco place? YUM!

Amy Lou said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY you LUCKY girl :) You are so darling!!!!!

Amanda said...

Happy belated birthday Darling! What a great stash of surprises. I love your apron, you obviously get your creative talent from your ma! xx

Kelsea said...

you are so awesome, you know that?
I always say 'i wanna be like you when i grow up' and i really do!
your amazing, you dress great, you look great, you love the gospel and your so kind.

Happy birthday!

Mary Ann said...

I can't get over how gorgeous you are! You are perfect! Sounds like you had an amazing day! You deserve it. It is so fun to catch up on your blog. you are the best picture taker and journaler! :) Sure miss ya!

christy said...

Mary Coyle's ice cream? Isn't that the best place?! I don't think I have been there in years, I think it's time.

Natalie Hall said...

You kill me with your post, you could be published... Amazing layout of everything... Your photos, your clothing, your everything, and more.... What a day indeed to remember. And how many people get to go in a secret garden for lunch, really... Way to fancy... Darling girl you are to say the least..

flyfishingak said...

I want an orange!! Them's cute kids you got!!

Mimi said...

What a fun B-day! I love Mary Coyle's!!! That's my old hood! So glad you know about it, it's the best!

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