Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Burning Within

Want one of those, "I'm never going to make another mistake" moment? Then read this:

A series of events lead me to read this book. Last April I made a new friend named Stephanie Nielson. From April until now she has since been in a terrible plane crash and remains in critical condition, having sustained burns on 80% of her body. Well a few days after the crash I was talking to a friend about what had happened and she said that the day after the crash she met another women whose mom had been in a plane crash and sustained 75% burns. My friend thought that was pretty crazy to have gone from hearing about 0 people being in plane crashes to now 2 people within a matter of days. As we continued talking she also mentioned that the lady who was in the plane crash in 1985 had written a book about her experience, in which Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup For The Soul said, "The Burning Within" is the most powerful book I have read in years. I read the book in one sitting and couldn't put it down. What a gift RaNelle has given us." Well I back up what he has to say and would suggest all of my lovies to read it (perhaps my choice for family book club..). Both the book and Stephanie have impacted me greatly. In fact Stephanie has impacted many. In the short time that I've known her I've come to the conclusion that she is wonderful in every way. She is such an inspiration and great example. I pray for her everyday. Hey there is even an article in the New York Times here and the Arizona Republic here .

Everyday is precious. I wish my path were always straight but like most who aren't perfect, I tend to deviate from my original plan. I am thankful to have experiences in life that help me to re-group.

In the meanwhile mark your calenders for the Domestic Bliss Fall Festival. I think it will be fun plus there's going to be some fundraising going on to help the Stephanie & Christian Nielson cause.


Julie said...

Do you remember my brother in law Mike?? His wife Beth grew up on the same street as Stephanie. I'll have to tell her about this book. Where did you find it?

Full House said...

Julie I think you can order it off Amazon. If not you can search the authors name Ranelle Wallace and it may pull up her personal site that you can purchase through as well. Yes I remember Mike. He's a nice kid.

Susan said...

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