Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Adventures in shopping...

I really don't mind cooking. I just mind coming up with the recipe and then going to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients. Speaking of managing my home and making sure we have provisions to man the troops..... "Do not bring all of the crew @ the same time to the grocery store." However, I do have to say we did provide the entertainment to all of the onlookers at Trader Joe's the other day. At first I thought everybody had big eyes because they were afraid my girls were going to hit them at full force with their mini me carts. Then it dawned on me, their staring at me because I looked like the parade in Loa, UT on the 4th of July. All I had to do was go up and down a couple of isles and call it a parade. They only have like 5 floats in that parade up there in the pride of Wayne County and just in case you miss it they turn around and come back one more time. Finally people started coming over to confirm if what they saw was true by asking, "Um are those all of your kids?" Followed by, "Wow you are very brave lady", which computes to you are a very crazy lady. The word spread like wildfire and before I knew it I was in the middle of a huddle with many more follow up questions. To me I was thinking what's the big deal. I guess you don't see such a sight on a daily basis but please if you really want to see something fun check out my friend with quintuplets, she is much more entertaining. By the time we were almost through we had only one cart tipping incident on the cereal isle, two extra items that had been smuggled & I had only been hit three times in the ankle by mini Me's cart. We finally arrive at the check out & I see that we were in chatty cashier guy's lane. I thought to myself, try hard to act natural because it's no fun to talk to a frazzled Momma. I took a deep breath, for I was almost out of the woods. But wait, how am I going to get the groceries out to the car? Chatty cashier guy came through and called the nicest girl to help me out to the car and he even said when we were leaving, "Wow, I'm really surprised by how well your kids behaved". Yes, I made it and with all things considered it was a success but I'll be glad to go by myself next time. After all, I get to experience this type of entertainment on a daily basis.


Simply Me Art said...

Love it! What a Memory, you'll be telling them that in the years to come and they'll look at you like your a Crazy mom. Im sure with your Crew you get lots of questions where ever you go. I commend you for not only venturing out to do your Grocery shopping with all of your gang and letting them have their own carts.Im sure that would have been a Wonderful Picture too. You made it... Jamie

Debbie said...

Who needs me to make a comment...you already have lots of fans!! I laughed at your 'mini me' comment. Even with the heel banging, it's hard to be upset with that little girl. I guess she's got my number because I just look at her and my heart gets tender and melts.

Annie said...

Your fame and novelty will never wear off. Whether you like it or not, people think you are amazing. You ARE amazing! I have to say I was entertained shopping at Trader Joes with you too when I was in AZ. I loved seeing everyone's expressions. Priceless!

Aimee's Family Journal said...

It wonty be long, and you'll have 5kids in school. And you will be wondering where the heck time went, and what to do with yourself! I still get amazed when I think how much your life has morphed in 3-4 years! I think you win the "most thrown for a loop" award.

Hey. When you are adding your header under page elements. You can either add the pic, and click the box that says shrint to fit, or not. I don't click the box, and it makes it a little bigger. Hope it works. But I love you new page!

Courtney Vance said...

Ha ha, you are a brave lady. Thanks for the entertainment. I'm sure you could write stories for us all day long. We don't mind. My day is boring so keep them coming.

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