Monday, August 11, 2008

FLASHBACK!! Some favorite pics from the last year.

Not that this was one of my favorite pictures but because whenever I looked @ it represents the great triumph I felt that day. That picture was taken the day the babies were born. I had just made it through 4 months solid bedrest worrying that whole time whether or not that babies would come too early or not be healthy. I was on a strict diet that consisted of 4000 calories per day. It was not that easy to do but 70 pounds later it sure seem to have payed off. I remember thinking I would be the luckiest lady around if the babies were in the upper 4 pound range so when they came out as heavy as they were it made for a very happy day. I could barely walk that day so Waylon wheeled me around in a wheelchair. We even stopped by Paradise Bakery to pick up some cookies. I was planning on having them 1st thing after I had the boys and could eat. Too bad Waylon dropped them all over the parking lot of the hospital (not a good thing to do when a big woman is about to have triplets). No worries though dad (aka Mike Dog) came to the rescue with a dozen more.

Most of the following pictures were captured by my sis Annie. She has such a talent I feel so blessed to be the recipiant of that her photo skills.

This was one of the funny pictures Newsweek magazine got when they included us on an article they've been working on with families that had multiples. We were the triplet family that they included. It has never been recorded that one doctor had ever delivered triplets, quads, quins, and sextuplets all within a month until our doctor did that very thing. That was part the spin with the story. As far as I know it has never been published yet. The girls were out of control but it made for some memorable photos.

Sweet Bridger Baby!

Seriously makes my heart melt.

Whenever I've had a rough day I just look @ this on my nightstand before I to bed and say "You can do it". I should paste it to every room in my house so I don't forget:-)

Crazy!! I still didn't think it was for reals. If you noticed I was a little glazed.

Christian on Nana's white chair. Heavenly!


Melanie said...

Wow! I don't know how you do it. What great pictures! You sure have been blessed with 5 sweet little angels!! I am sure that life is crazy, but it does have it's rewards!

Whitney said...

Christina, You are super mom! I love the picture of you the day the boys were born. Only you would be looking HOT on that day!I love your kids.

Annie said...

What a fun retrospect. You are a warrior in every right for getting through all that you have been through in the past year or so. My goes off to ya sista!

Michelle said...

What great pictures!!! It's fun to see your past year in photos since I didn't get to see you!

Treyncarlos said...

Love these pictures! Your family if BEAUTIFUL!!!

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