Friday, March 23, 2012



Today I have already seen the Hunger Games..actually got home at 3am. Functioning on 3.5 hours is not optimal. I had no idea what it was all about but went with a brother who was dying to see it and his wife declined the midnight showing. Despite being on the front row it was a movie worth seeing. Have you seen or read the books? Is that a funny question?

Blaming sleep deprivation as to why I then drove to downtown and picked up a new/old lacquered desk and then hauled the boys into a thrift store.

Somehow stopped by the mexican pottery place on the corner that I have passed by for 20 years and never stopped (you know the one with the big metal dragons and horses for sale). Same place my mother in law dragged a donkey and a sleeping mexican from to go by my pool. Don't worry they were of the ceramic kind. Somehow I may have been honest when she asked if I liked them..I hate it when that happens (seriously). The donkey and the mexican found there way into her own front yard in Utah.

Wanted to buy the above black and white jewelry box from Home Goods. Apparently they sell small boxes for $ went back on the shelf.

A few other highlights:

Little green shoes for my girls..on sale over here. I love little shoes even if they are scattered all around my home.

Chocolate chip cookies.

Lots of hugs, squeals and kisses from kids that look cute in my eye.

A field trip at school for the girls.

A agate cuff that I wear every single day.

Fabric and paint considerations. Why do I start many project and never finish. Someday I will paint that darn bedroom and then frame all of the random pieces of art.

Happy wishes to all you weekenders!

What will you be up to?


My Interior Life said...

Oh, so much goodness. Love your cuff and that green, gold and black fabric is to die for. Where did you get that?? And is that La Fiorentina in coral? If you don't end up using it all, I call dibs! Apparently, they don't make the coral colorway anymore. Sacrilege. Happy Weekend!

Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

You sound like me - here, there, and everywhere. Projects waiting as well. My oldest saw Hunger Games last night and really liked it. I started the book and then stopped - i guess i chickened out thinking the concept was pretty rough. I might be braver and try again :)

alison giese Interiors said...

The cuff is killer.
Also, I spy a great headboard.
Homegoods and $200 boxes = crazy times.
Hunger Games happening for me next weekend. My amigas and I are too blue haired to face opening weekend much less midnight showings, but we are doing movie pre-game festivities at my house, so I feel a little redeemed.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll have to go see it. So much hype everywhere. Seems all I get to see are kid's movies these days. 10 year old boy movies to be exact!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

Im reading the book now and really enjoying it! cant wait to watch the film next week! How sweet your brother wanted to see the midnight session!

Love the green shoes, wish they had them in my size hahaa

Unknown said...

Some fab finds. I see I new headboard in your photo as well?

Stephanie Sabbe said...

love your shoes, her shoes, and hunger games!

Like Me Some said...

Seriously, Hicks fabric just laying around! A little jealous!

Ann said...

Love your shoes...

Oh our family really need to watch Hunger Games pronto! I don't want to be left out.

lemondropdreams said...

Damn! I was hoping those little green shoes were yours and you were going to let us all in on where we could get a pair...

jacobmontereal said...

I guess I need to there and see it personally, such a great items you had.

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Andrew and Marie Benson said...

Wow, that cuff is gorgeous. I'm on a huge rock kick. Any chance you'll share your source? Love the other stuff as well, but the cuff left me pining.

Oh, and don't know if you remember but I asked you where you got your marble pillow fabric a few months ago. You were kind enough to write me back and I was super excited to be able to have it and some Sferra bedding brought out to me when my son was born. I sewed a blanket and couple of pillows in a panic when I thought I was having contractions and wouldn't have time to get them done before the baby came.

-Lisa said...

Oh please share who makes the navy and white shoes you are wearing...I love them! So classic and comfy.

Full House said...

Lisa I feel so bad but I bought the shoes at the junk store and they are vintage. Wish I could point you in place where you could get a pair too.

xx - CB