Thursday, March 22, 2012

You know the movie The Holiday? Well in real life I have "The Holiday Syndrome". When I watch the show I want to live in both of the houses. I always try to make the choice in my head about choosing one of homes that would best suit me. Usually the the more refined & sophisticated home in California wins (mostly due to the blackout blinds;-). In real life I think I feel more comfortable living in a place that doesn't have as much stuff in it. I actually oftentimes really gravitate towards things that are clean and modern but there is always this need for seeing spaces that have lots of stuff in them. So today I am loving the concept of the above space. Today, if the truth be known I would actually love to stay at the Los Poblanos Inn & Organic Farm and would love to see the decor reflect the above space. Is that too much to ask for???

Above photos are from Emma Campbell's colonial shack featured in this months The World Of Interiors.


Lynda @ Happenstance Home said...

It looks relaxing and like it is full of love. I think I would pick the modern home from The Holiday too. The spaces are just so useful and nice!

My Interior Life said...

I'm all about those blackout shades from the Holiday. That's my dream. Sad that I value sleep so much. I like some stuff but too much makes me nervous and twitchy.

Alcira Molina-Ali said...

Wow, you be the best.
Cheers, Alcira

LindsB said...

I love that movie- it makes me want to have both kids of spaces too, they are both so different!

angela said...

I stayed at Los Poblanos before their recent expansion and it was Seriously awesome. We live in the midwest but talk all the time about going back. The staff was really nice, we were the only people there (midweek offseason) part of the time, and the breakfasts were the best I've ever had. I so so recommend it.

CharmaineCeridwen said...

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