Monday, April 4, 2011





This week I resolve to break free from any of those partial torture camp syndrome symptons I have been experiencing. Seriously at times I liken motherhood to being captured and having somebody tap my forehead incessantly for a really long time before I would like to burst due to some intensity issues. Good thing I know what it feels like to have all of the satisfying feelings that come from being a Mom to get me through. I am sure that being a Mom is one of my greatest opportunities. After all my kids have already helped me to learn a few lessons.....So here's to feeling life's purpose from every fiber of the being this week and feeling great joy while doing it.

Speaking of joy..

Guess where the make-up sessions of joy are held?
Nana & Baca's house.

My parents have been working very hard at creating a play space in their backyard. The awesome treehouse is almost done. Hooray for all of the fun prospects their backyard will bring.


Tshepo said...

Yes, motherhood is unbearably difficult to describe. How can one describe the simple joy that comes from welcoming your child to the world, seeing your child smile for the first time, and observing the daily changes and growth that takes place all at the speed of lightening? Here's to motherhood!

Speaking of mothers--you should consider showcasing "Nana & Baca's" place soon! They've got style.

Laura said...

Grandparents are the best! I love having them close to share the best of times, the simplest things, the complicated and everything in between.
That is one rockin' tree house!

Debbie said...

fun day!!