Friday, January 21, 2011

sunglasses & our Twilight trip


Warning: the below is long and would probably only appeal to those who have read the Twilight books and since I just got finished writing about it over on my family blog I thought it would be fun to share over here too since so many of you out there have read the books.

I saw the above picture of sunglasses and it made me think about my Mom and sisters. You see we have always had a thing for crazy glasses and when we were traveling to Victoria, B.C. a few months ago we were in need of a couple pair to assist us in our scooter ride because some of the party left theirs behind. Well nothing a little walk to a mall kiosk couldn't do to help us on our endeavors for fun, inexpensive & disposable eyewear. We were laughing so hard at Mom's huge pink glasses but that's what made it even the more entertaining. Everywhere we cruised on our scooters, there was Mom with a helmet and HUGE pink glasses glaring out. The above picture of the 1946 Vogue cover with the glasses then made me think about our boat ride over to Port Angeles as we were making our way back to Oregon. My sister candidly snapped away capturing life in action (in her previous college days she studied photo journalism). Our little Twilight adventure was about to unfold as we first landed at the port and headed straight to Bella Italiano to partake in the mushroom ravioli (which by the way has been there before the book was written). It was getting dark and with the prospect of an hour drive in front of us we did not fret that there was not a hotel reservation to stay in Forks. After all it was off-season so why would there not be any vacancies. Forks is not exactly a big town but as the night unfolded we soon found out that ever since Stephanie Meyer came to town the lodging industry has been rooms were available that night....except one little cabin down a dirt road next to the drunken hunters. Oh don't think the hunters weren't nice or anything and didn't invite us to feast upon their words, I mean grub that they had just slayed...we passed. After slumbering through the night with a stuffed bobcat staring down at us, we awoke to find a very overcast day in the Washington forest. It certainly made for a perfect setting to have vampires thrive. So far this place looked exactly how I envisioned it would look after reading the first book (it only took one book for me to give up on the series). Whether one is a fan of Twilight or not Ms. Meyers did a great job of surveying the land and then bringing the story to life. The town has also seemed to embrace its new found fame. I mean seriously, a parking space @ the hospital for Dr. Cullen. Oh and don't worry the town also mocks all of these tourists that come on a hunt in hopes to find Edward or Jacob because we observed it happening first hand and because it really is a true story you know...hehe. Our final stop took us to the cliffs and beaches at La Push. We enjoyed the scenery as the sun came out for a nice walk along the shoreline but where oh where was Jacob...

A quick synopsis would lead me to end in saying that if you ever decide to go to Forks, DO NOT go alone, for many many reasons..but mostly because it wouldn't be as fun;-). I also predict that there will come a day that the busloads of crazed woman coming to town will start to dwindle as pop culture hops on a different mode of transportation that just may not include vampires anymore. What will that next craze include? I can't wait to find out. Only one request would be that it would be something I could actually get me teeth into...dun dun dum.



Laurel-Dawn McBurney said...

This is the BEST post... My sister and I are both mahor Twi-hard fans... :) I actually started reading the series on my honeymoon, haha- my poor Hubby!

Looks like you girls had a wonderful time! The photos are beautiful on the beach!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

havent read it yet, but hold on, family blog? only for family?

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

id love to visit, you know Im big on twilight! And the photos are beautiful, lovely family Christina

theveryflowers said...


The Wizzle said...

1) You, your mom, and your sister all looked like you hopped off The Sartorialist or something. Yowza.

2) You don't even like Twilight, an you went on a Twilight-themed trip? You are a good woman.

3) You have another blog? Is it as awesome as this one?

angela hardison said...

you are so hilarious. this post cracked me up.

i have an older sister who went with her book group to forks... haha. actually it really looks beautiful there and i wouldn't mind visiting. and supposedly there actually is a dr. cullen that lives there. i'm hoping he doesn't wear white powder on his face.

you ladies are all really beautiful. and i love the sunglasses. speaking of... i still have yours. looks like we might need another adventure soon so i can return them ;)

Katie said...

I just found your blog through Say YES! to Hoboken, and I loved this post. I wrote a paper last semester about the kitschification of Forks, Washington due to Twilight - how the real town of Forks transformed itself to match the books/movies. Forks is beautiful enough to visit even if you are not a Twihard.

Alejandra said...

I love this post, I read all the Twighlight books too :). The parking spot totally cracks me up! My husband took a motorcicle trip from LA to Alaska and they stopped there, he told me all about Twighlight taking over the town (he didn't know Forks was in the book, or knew much about the books).
BTW I love you guys' sense of style, you all look fabulous!

paula said...

ha! how fun is this. you all look gorgeous.

Unknown said...

love the twilight series. the hubs and I joked that we should stop off in Port Angeles one day just for fun. this post makes me want too. fun! love the glasses and the ladies behind them so chic.

b said...

Oooo, the scenery DOES look gorgeous! Please tell me that you were able to have a bonfire on the beach with beautiful blue flames (like in the book - total Twilight moment here, sorry! lol).


Laura said...

I love that you were able to go - love the pictures! One of the things that cracks me up about Forks is no matter where you eat, you will find a Twilight dish. Bella Burger, etc... I love how the town embraced it. So cute and fun.
PS - I agree, you can't go alone, it just wouldn't be fun. :-)

JetAviator7 said...

You all look great in the photos, but would look better in some girls aviator sunglasses to add mystery to your appearances!

Michelle said...

LOVE IT!! I have no idea how I came across your blog but it is fantastic!

I did a Twilight trip as well and blogged as I went. Lots of fun!


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