Monday, January 3, 2011



When I was in Las Vegas last, I happened upon a beautiful bookstore called Assouline. Besides all of the books, I immediately noticed all of the brass (hard to see but chairs are brass..obsessed) and the carpet with the numbers and letters. Anyway when I happened on the above colorful alphabet rugs I thought about that bookstore. I think those are some of the more fun alphabet rugs that I have seen and would look great in any room that houses say a playroom.

{rugs from here}


Unknown said...

Love the rugs you found even more! I've got them cataloged for when I have babies!

Laura said...

Those rugs are awesome!

Aileen said...

In love!!Do you happen to know where Assouline purchased their alphabet rug? its amazing

quintessence said...

I've never seen shots of the Las Vegas store before but Assouline is the best!! They have the most beautifully produced books on the market!