Friday, November 19, 2010



Loving Neapolitan on Etsy. Those covers are so beautiful on all of those classic books. Of course any set of cards would be pretty if they came in a pink box that look like that. Hmmm inspiring me for wrapping Christmas presents this year.

Also speaking of books, finally finished The Help. I really enjoyed it and need another book to keep me company. Any suggestions?

One of my favorite quotes from The Help:
"She can take the most complicated things in life and wrap them up so small and simple, they'll fit right in your pocket"

Happy Friday!


kelleyp said...

try Jenn lacaster books--all non-fiction. pretty funny stuff. i only read the light junk!

Angie said...

Just finished one called "The School of Essential Ingredients." Can't remember the author, but I really enjoyed the story. Happy reading!

Haute Mama said...

Also enjoyed The Help. This is an older one- but have you read the Blind Assasin by Margaret Atwood? One of my all-time favorites- it is a little slow at the beginning, but worth it. The Post Birthday World by Lionel Shriver is another oneo f my faves.

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