Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Is this what life has come to..

As I walked out the door @ 9:30 this morning trying to race the girls to preschool I thought to myself, "I sure hope I do not see any living creature, not even a cat".  That's when I looked up to see not just one visitor but two.  One of them being a man friend of husbands and the other a girlfriend who had brought me over some shampoo and conditioner after I complained of not washing my hair for 5 days because I ran out & had not been to the store...Yep, you read that right...5 days.

I'm pretty sure by not combing hair paired with pink polka dot pajama pants and purple suede wedges is the new's just got to be.   Hey at least I found the black shades from the 90's.

Anyway I attribute all of the above to being busy (or something like that) but come back this afternoon for the link to the Etsy shop because I posted a few things until I got tired.


In the meantime I'm feeling pretty good about the following images:









What are you feeling good about?

She feels good about vitamins in the morning and popcorn in the afternoon.  Good stuff!



sherry said...

You look lovely;)

Anastasia Schembri said...

Don't you just hate surprise visitors??? No worries, you looked fabulous!
Beautiful pictures!

Ms. Bright said...

You are hilarious! I'm loving that look, sister...but I'm also loving those other images. Have a great day!

Amanda said...

You look stunning as usual!

Amy Lou said...

Ha! I love you :) Can't wait for your shop to open!!!!!!!!!

Aislinn said...

pretty sure you couldn't look bad if you tried. :)

☂niki. said...

the sad thing is that right now as i sit here and type, i have 4 day old hair, am still in pajamas, smell like sour milk and it's nearly 11:00. but my hair is pulled up and actually looks greasy! i totally trumped you!!

i'd totally take this over my normal wednesday morning from last year tho!

Whitney said...

Too bad you are totally hot in your pink polka dots and purple wedges!!

momentum said...

DANG>>> You look better than I do after shower, hair, and makeup! :-)

Laura said...

You do not look like it's been 5 days. I would have been an oooober greasy head mess. You look fab! :-)

~Grace Happens~ said...

you don't even wanna to know how i look like on a daily basis. you look great! there are days when i walk out with different pairs of shoes on, and i don't even have an excuse, i've only got 1 kiddo:)

Day by Day Design said...

You can make anything work!!
GO AGGIES!!!! :)

angela hardison said...

i'm feeling good about all those images you're feeling good about too. you always post the greatest interior inspiration.

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