Friday, December 4, 2009


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The winner of the "tarnation" is Brooke Webb.

Thank you again so much for all the comments. It really made me feel good and I am truly humbled that anybody would take an interest to things I say &'s kind of weird because if you know me in real life then you know how darn silly I am.

It's the weekend so go drink some hot cocoa or something fun.


onehm said...

YAY Brooke!! :)

Stacey Crewse said...

Wahoo Brooke! I love my lucky cousin!!!

Amanda said...

Hello. I just came across your blog and where do I begin??? First of all, I sure do wish I'd found your blog before now and entered in this giveaway. That headband/belt is fabulous! Your blog? Uh-mazing. I only have one little boy and I thought my life got hectic at times... you've got five adorable youngins. Five. And you still seem sane. :) I suppose there is hope for me after all. Hehehe. I'm happy to have you added to my favorites. Great posts gorgeous lady!

Webb Family said...

Thank you I feel so lucky!
Stacey called me & told me the great news last night. I never win anything. YAY me!!!

Nichols Family said...

Christina, it's Jennie (Player) Nichols. So I have one for you. My husband decided it was okay to bring home a HUGE elk mount and put it up in our formal living/dining room. I have no choice in the matter. Could you post some ideas for me as far as decorating that room (we have nothing in it so far besides the elk head). What should I do????? I'm at a loss and I know you'd know what to do!
H E L P!

Amanda said...

P.S. It's Saturday evening, I worked all day while my boys (hubby and son) stayed home watching football cozy in the house. So, tonight, I'm taking your advice... "it's the weekend, go drink some cocoa or something". Good advice new (blog) friend. :)